Jack Quaid, star of 'The Boys,' will direct the 'Grim Death and Bill the Electrocuted Criminal' podcast

Jack Quaid, star of 'The Boys,' will direct the 'Grim Death and Bill the Electrocuted Criminal' podc ...

Jack Quaid, who starred in The Boys, is moving from being a supremo avenger himself to becoming an avenger. The show is based on a graphic novel by Mike Mignola and Tom Sniegoski, and is inspired by the same book.

Grim Death takes place in a city in which organized crime takes root entirely, putting the city's otherwise peaceful inhabitants at jeopardy. However, one man named Bentley Hawthorne (Quaid) takes it upon himself to prevent a conflict from unfolding by avenging wrongful deaths and seeking retribution. Roderick, his butler, and an investigative journalist named Gwendolyn help him.

Quaid is well-known for his role as Hughie Campbell in Prime Video's The Boys, which recently finished its third season, and a fourth episode is currently filming in Toronto. Film-wise, he recently starred in Christopher Nolan's star-studded Oppenheimer, which will be released on July 21, 2023.

The Echoverse will be edited and executive produced by Mignola and Sniegoski. Quaid and Peter J. Donaldson will direct the production, with Wolf at the Door producing. Whalerock Industries is the parent company of Mark Stern, who previously worked for SYFY. No additional cast has been announced at this time.

Echoverse has released the most recent scripted podcast following The Lesser Dead. Other scripted projects include a remake of The Witches of Echo Park, The Dying Immortal, and more.

"Mike and Tom have transformed their quirky and imaginative novel into a stunning audio drama that we were eager to produce." Jack Quaid is a well-known actor who will take on the role of Bentley.

The Boys set tour with Quaid is currently unavailable on Prime Video, but Season 3 of Star Trek: Lower Decks will be released on Paramount+ on August 25.