Is it time for 'Westworld' to end at the right time?

Is it time for 'Westworld' to end at the right time? ...

The below are spoilers for Westworld Season 4. Que Sera, Sera concludes with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) delivering a monologue, explaining her intentions to restore the original Westworld park. This new test will determine whether the hosts are capable of creating a better world than their creators in the digital afterlife called The Sublime. However, she seems to be comfortable sticking with the same setting that the show keeps returning to.

Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, the actual creators of Westworld, share Dolores' views. Although the first season of HBO's reimagining of the Michael Crichton novel felt like the greatest sci-fi mystery since Lost, Westworld became trapped within its own loop. The show continued to complicate its worldbuilding, but events took place at undefined points in the timeline.

Joy stated that the show was always meant to conclude after a five-season run, although things may have seemed to be relegated to the original plot of the show. However, HBO has yet to renew the series, and perhaps that is for the better. Que Sera, Sera does a fantastic job of wrapping up all of the major character arcs of the program.

The world has already become a zombie hazard thanks to a virus released by Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson). While Frankie and his companions made it through, Westworld has already made up its minds about humans. Maybe it's better if Caleb and his companions sail off to an unidentified fate.

If Westworld has ever had a definitive villain, it's William (Ed Harris). Williams' consciousness is transferred to a hosts body during his shootout with Hale at the Forge, and it made sense for William to die during one last version of the game.

The heroes make numerous heroic sacrifices, including Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) who protects Frankie, Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) who guides Hale to choose the right path, and Maeve who rescues the guests that are living in The Sublime, including her daughter. Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon), a fan favorite, has served his purpose, and their actions will have long-lasting implications.

Dolores has chosen the side of good because to Wyatt, Hale, and her other evil characteristics. She is a creation that has become the creator; that's great in its own right; maybe, the question of whether she'll succeed is no longer our story.

The best scenes between Dolores and her lifelong love interest, Teddy Flood (James Marsden), were the ones that moved Dolores when she needed him the most. Both characters have a strong bond to each other, and confirmation would sway the notion that they will never give up hope.

Dolores expects her new world to be one based on her memories. She is left to create a reality based on all of her experiences, while also presenting herself as a character. These are stories that weve already seen, and faces that are all too familiar.