The trailer for Garcia! highlights HBO's action-packed Spanish-language series

The trailer for Garcia! highlights HBO's action-packed Spanish-language series ...

If you like action-packed and intense programming, you'll be interested in the upcoming HBO Max Original, Garcia!. HBO has released the first teaser for the adrenaline-inducing program based on the same title written by Santiago Garcia and Luis Bustos.

The teaser introduces us to Garcia, a cryogenically frozen super-agent, and his journey into a totally new reality, different from the one he had closed his eyes in. He is a genius, as is the somewhat ominous warning given at the start of the teaser for those who want to stop a human-styled wrecking machine. Antonia (Veki Velilla) is an investigative journalist who together they seek to reach an agreement on how to work together.

Steve Rogers Garcia's sense of duty to his country will outweigh the confusion that comes with being asleep for sixty years, although he will have to uncover the truths to prevent an aspiring brutal dictator from taking his place. However, with a superhuman soldier on your side, the odds tend to get a little worse.

The HBO Max Original will follow Garcia, who was hired by General Francisco Francos secret service in the 1950s. He's the ideal soldier built to follow orders without question as he seeks to crush the dreams of another person who might be aspiring to take the title of Caudillo of Spain. There is a hidden irony in a soldier who refuses to question orders in order to overthrow a would-be dictatorship and preserve democracy.

Sara Antuna and Carlos De Pando co-created and wrote the six-episode series Garcia!, with Eugenio Mira, Miguel Salvat, Steve Matthews, and Antony Root serving as executive producers.

Garcia! will be available on HBO Max in October. See the teaser below: