Patrick Wilson and Jason Blum of Insidious 5 Hang Out on Set in a New Image

Patrick Wilson and Jason Blum of Insidious 5 Hang Out on Set in a New Image ...

Thanks to producer Jason Blum, there are a lot of exciting horror franchises set to come back in the near future. One of the most interesting examples is Insidious, which is set to come back to haunt genre fans next summer. Its fifth entry has been making some significant progress recently with a release date and casting announcements, but now fans have gotten their first behind-the-scenes look at the sequel.

Blum shared a rather simple image on his twitter page: The famous horror producer with returning star and first-time director Patrick Wilson. It's true, it's going to be amazing. And everyone will be raving about it. The last part of that is clearly Blum making fun of his long-awaited Five Nights at Freddys film, which the producer has been teased for a while.

As with Insidious 5, this behind-the-scenes look does nothing new, but it's just wonderful to know that the film has finally begun shooting. Depending on who you ask, Insidious has either been one of the most successful modern horror franchises or it has remained one of the most underrated actors today. His portrayal of Josh Lambert is a horrific combination of heartfelt, emotionally subtle, tragic, and terrifying.

Wilson has made a few brief appearances throughout the franchise since Chapter 2, but we haven't seen the Lambert family together or as the focus of the story for almost a decade. Dalton is now entering college and his repressed demons have returned to haunt him. But the series' other dimension The Further has provided some of the most memorably creepy entities that the horror genre has ever seen.

The sequel to Insidious 5 is expected to be released on July 7, 2023, alongside the returning cast members. With all indications, the film will be a major comeback for the franchise.