Emma Roberts and Thomas Mann's Romantic Comedy 'About Fate' Trailer

Emma Roberts and Thomas Mann's Romantic Comedy 'About Fate' Trailer ...

MGM has released the teaser for its upcoming romantic comedy film About Fate, which will be released on September 9 in selected theaters and digital everywhere, and promises a funny and heartfelt feature for anyone looking for a fun movie experience later this year.

As the couple departs, Griffin (Thomas Mann) and Margot (Emma Roberts) are seen sitting across from his romantic partner, played by Madelaine Petsch, as she pressures him to propose to her. In contrast, Margot is seen with her boyfriend Kip, played by Lewis Tan, the night before her sister's wedding.

As Margot enters her house believing it was his, fate brings the two together, promising her to accept her invitation to the wedding. With beautiful imagery and lights, Griffin pretends to be Kip in front of Margot's family.

When the real Kip shows up, much to Margot's surprise, the trailer continues the montage and showcases Margot and Griffin's mutual attraction as it closes with a comedic scene of the two breaking into a store.

From the footage provided in the teaser, About Fate appears to be a fun and heartfelt romantic comedy that might entice viewers with its charming performances. Roberts also starred in the Netflix romantic comedy Holidate, which Marius Vaysberg is the director of.

On September 9, About Fate will be released in both selected theaters and digital platforms: