'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law': 10 Cameos We'd Like to See in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law': 10 Cameos We'd Like to See in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ...

Marvel Studios has been revealing a number of surprises from the series when it comes to the character present. Why wouldn't they? Part of the thrill of the MCU is the ability to see these characters interact in ways that are surprising and enjoyable.

She-Hulk, which is set to be a half-hour legal comedy, is also billed as a "case of the week" style show, with new characters appearing every week, which might be the main draw for casual viewers. And while some characters like Wong and Daredevil have already been confirmed, there are a slew of possibilities for actors who may show up.

Betty Ross

Betty Ross and the rest of The Incredible Hulk are some of the longest-standing unresolved plotlines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, mostly due to a lack of a solo Hulk film since 2008. His supporting cast has mostly remained in a strange state of being unresolved and forgotten outside of General Ross, who's roles in Civil War and Infinity War were a pleasant surprise.

It's quite possible that Abomination's narratives might be returning for a proper resolution, or at least restore some of Bruce's love.


This is a long shot, but it would be a great tribute to the comic books. With She-Hulk, Eros has his most famous storyline, which includes a battle over emotions.

This arc might be a bit too serious for this show, as the show seems to be focusing on She-Hulk's comedic qualities. However, an adaptation of Eros' storyline might offer a window into more difficult topics.

Foggy Nelson

Although Daredevil was found to be a surprise surprise from fans, his role in the series is currently unknown. However, since he's wearing clothes, it's possible his involvement will go beyond a brief appearance and will likely have some bearing on the overall story. So, why not include his supporting cast?

Foggy is the most likely of all of his cast members to show up. He's a lawyer similar to Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters, which places him in the field, but he's also Murdock's most trusted friend, and might even show up as part of Murdock's team if he happens to be in the courtroom as well as in the costume.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones appears to be the most likely of all of the Defenders to make an appearance, despite her being second to Matt in terms of popularity for the team. Although Jessica Jones is a private eye and not a lawyer, her links to crime as the "law" side of the equation might work with Jennifer's "order."

Plus, with their personalities, the two of them would be a joy to work with. Both of them have a sarcasm and confidence about themselves that would work exceptionally well together, and you can bet that Krysten Ritter would have excellent chemistry with Tatiana Maslany.

Jimmy Woo

It's a bit strange that since WandaVision, Marvel has neglected to take the opportunity to add him to the cast. While it's possible that this might happen in Phase 5, an appearance in She-Hulk might be waiting for them.

Jimmy Woo might be employed as an early investigator for Jessica Jones' case or as a contact for the FBI, though it's unclear if Jennifer will have such connections later on in her career.


Kingpin isn't too far behind if Daredevil is in your series. And since he's already played Hawkeye as the lead antagonist, he may reprise his role in She-Hulk in a different role.

This would also determine when She-Hulk might return, as Hawkeye's final moments have apparently killed him, although he is expected to make a comeback in her solo series. Perhaps She-Hulk might take place before Hawkeye's events, highlighting Kingpin's early efforts to re-establish himself following The Blip.

Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson is a no-brainer in a superhero legal comedy. Outside of his connections to Bruce as a former Avenger, Sam Wilson is also the current Captain America and likely to be a part of the legal system.

Sam's absence is likely to overtake many of the other characters in the show, and he may not be around for long. This is also a great opportunity to make a future Avengers appearance.

Sharon Carter

Sharon Carter, who was recently revealed as a power broker, would be the most interesting character to have on board as She-Hulk will have government connections.

Sharon might use She-Hulk's status as a hero and lawyer for her own personal agenda, although it will not be revealed to the heroes until that point.


Skaar, the most intriguing MCU comeo possibility, is a character who has yet to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at all. Despite being exceptionally young, he has both talents and intelligence.

After the Thor: Ragnarok storyline was loosely used in earlier commercials, a recently released video shows a alien spaceship colliding with Jennifer and Bruce, indicating that Skaar might be involved, and this might set the stage for Hulk's biggest storyline in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Valkyrie's appearance on Sakaar might make a lot of sense on the surface, but she might serve as a continuation of a seemingly long-lasting friendship between her and the Hulk. An appearance in this program might serve as a way to introduce Jennifer to Valkyrie.

If the rumors of that project being in development are true, it might also give Valkyrie a chance to set up World War Hulk. It's possible that she'd play a major role in that storyline, and doing some setup here would make that story even more enjoyable.