Why Caleb's Journey Is Season 4's Most Powerful on 'Westworld'

Why Caleb's Journey Is Season 4's Most Powerful on 'Westworld' ...

The below excerpts from Westworld Season 4. Everything seemed a little too robotic going into the third season. Almost all the characters we had grown to know and love were becoming hosts. Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) revealed his true identity to Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), and human characters like Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman) met their horrific fates. It's hard to imagine that anything will be affected by any given person.

Caleb, a human construction worker, was introduced in Season 3 as a hero defined by both his humility and his mortality. Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) fought to establish both hosts and humans free.

Caleb became a host after being released from his strict confines of Charlotte Hales (Tessa Thompson). Caleb realizes that he has died countless times and been resurrected in the same body as him in Season 4. This may have been the most heartbreaking character arcs in Season 4.

Caleb has feared nothing more than having someone dictate his destiny for him. He is comfortable choosing his luck if it means not having to deal with corporate dictates in the first place. He sees someone in need, and she suggests that their lives are linked for a more vital purpose. There is a hidden plot at play.

Caleb discovers why his memory has been so fuzzied. Engerraund Serac (Vincent Cassel) had been experimenting with human test subjects through his company Rehoboam. Although Caleb thought he had been bringing in wanted fugitives during his time in the military, he had been manipulated by Rehoboam to bring in outliers. This gives him a compelling motivation to assist Dolores and take down Seracs regime before he

Season 3 concludes by teasing Caleb's friendship with Maeve, one of Westworld's other main heroes, but that does not stop Caleb from doing his best to protect his daughter, Frankie (Celeste Clark), from the cruelty of the world. Its only when Williams (Ed Harris)' bloodlust that Caleb agrees to put an end to his.

Both Caleb and Maeve were doomed by their good intentions. Hales kidnaps Caleb, and he learns the devastating truth: he was the first human outlier to survive.

Caleb has already trained the ideal person to save her: his daughter, Frankie (Aurora Perrineau). Frankie has grown up to live a life as virtuous as her father's. To unravel Hales' plot, Frankie must enter Olympiad headquarters, which gives Frankie the chance to reconnect with her father.

Caleb realizes that Frankie has grown up before his eyes is one of the most heartwarming moments of the season. He knows that mankind is destined to wreak havoc, but he has faith that Frankie and her partner Odina (Morningstar Angeline) will continue fighting for the good that is out there. Caleb knows that he cant stay with them, and he chooses to remain in the city. It only makes sense for him to accept his death.

Westworld so often demonstrates the depravity that humans are capable of when they think they can live a life without consequences. The park is based on the notion that when left to their own devices, humans are willing to unleash their most twisted desires. Even if Caleb does not no longer has a beating heart, the series has restored its vitality.