Sylvester Stallone Teases 'Samaritan' in a Teaser to the Hurt on Crime

Sylvester Stallone Teases 'Samaritan' in a Teaser to the Hurt on Crime ...

Sylvester Stallone is no old man, and he is here to prove it. In a new teaser and behind-the-scenes footage for Samaritan, Stallone and his co-star, Euphorias Javon Wanna Walton, walk fans through the action packed film and reveal the film's titular retired hero.

Stallone expresses his desire for the role in the greatest possible way, stating that he has a keen interest in this particular kind of mythology. Nothing has ever rung more true for the action star, who is well-known for his breakthrough starring role and screenplay, Rocky. Samaritan eventually comes back to life as a hero story that is grounded in reality. Walton also talks about how he became involved in the film along with the legendary Stallone.

The MGM film was directed by Julius Avery, well-known for his high-octane action films Overlord and Son of a Gun. Bragi F. Schut initially wrote the script, then realized it would be a fantastic graphic novel, which he later developed with Marc Olivent and Renzo Podesta. Stallone and Walton star with an ensemble cast including Pilou Asbk, Dascha Polanco, Natacha Karam, and Moises Arias.

Back in July, Prime Video sent us our first trailer for Samaritan, which took us to the fictional city where the film takes place. Packed with action, explosions, and gun battles, the trailer introduced us to the main players and the jaded hero who once was. The film's power, however, is palpable.

The entire film, like most of the other films released in 2019, faced significant setbacks as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. Cameras were able to start rolling in February 2020, but they were soon put on hold due to the life changing virus. Finally, filming resumed in October 2020, and, after more premiere changes than we can count, the film has finally received a release date for August 26 on Prime Video.

Check out the teaser below.