In the teaser for 'Speak No Evil,' a family vacation turns tense and terrifying

In the teaser for 'Speak No Evil,' a family vacation turns tense and terrifying ...

In a new teaser for Speak No Evil, a Danish and Dutch family is set to go on a vacation of a lifetime. The two very different families are prompted by a meeting in Tuscany and a trip to the Dutch residence for a weekend getaway.

As the Danish and Dutch families meet at the latter's house, the trailer initially captures the pleasure of making new vacation friends, before slowly disseminating that pleasure. The Danish family's free-spirited spirit grates on the Danish family's conservative values. Their hospitality starts off as simply pushy, even if Louise (Sidsel Siem Koch) is vegetarian. Over the course of their stay, the Danes become unnerved by the loud singing they hear throughout the house during the night

The Danes begin to fall prey to the Dutch family when they are forced to return, causing the family to feel somewhat sinister. Whether the Dutch family is really sinister in nature, or if the Danes are simply overreacting to a few off-putting events and cultural norms different from their own, the footage blurs the lines - "No one's forcing you to stay." This is where the tension picks up more like an ominous warning rather than a kind sentiment.

Morten Burian, Karina Smulders, and Marius Damslev star in the film Speak No Evil, which also includes starring roles in Susan Bier's Academy Award-nominated film After the Wedding and the BAFTA-winning television series Borgen, among others.

Speak No Evil received good reviews after receiving an 80 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Collider's Therese Lacson gave the film a C in her review, while criticizing the film's conclusion.

Speak No Evil will be released in theaters for a limited time on September 9 before returning to Shudder on September 15.