'The Sandman': 8 of our favorite side characters we'd like to see more of

'The Sandman': 8 of our favorite side characters we'd like to see more of ...

The Sandman, a Netflix film that was previously considered to be an "unfilmable" comic book masterpiece, has finally found its way to the small screen. The story follows Morpheus (Tom Sturridge), the personification of Dreams, as he returns to his realm of the Dreaming after being locked in the mortal world for over a hundred years.

This supernatural world of abstract personifications and biblical figures is brimming with wonder and awe, accompanied by some quite striking imagery. The Sandman's journey through the various realms of the Endless and the Waking World is brimming with interesting characters that are all connected by one thing: their dreams.

Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel's story is a timeless tale; both brothers seek God's approval, and when Abel receives more praise for his actions than his older brother, Cain, in a fit of rage, kills Abel. Thus, the first tale of murder in human history. In The Sandman, the two brothers are dreams representing the first murderer and the first victim.

The two brothers serve Morpheus with his task of rebuilding his kingdom, but once the Dreaming is restored, the two brothers do nothing much more. It would be nice if more of these murderous rascals would play a more prominent role in the next season.

Ken and Barbie

As the story develops, Ken and Barbie are briefly introduced as Rose Walker's (Vanesu Samunyai) neighbors, who appear to be the perfect, bubbly couple on the surface, but have hidden secrets of their own.

Barbie used to fantasize of being a princess in a dream world called The Land. However, Cuckoo, a parasitic dream, prevents her from becoming a princess. Morpheus must contend with this problem in the next season.

Matthew the Raven

No hero is complete without a snarky animal companion, right? Morpheus gets to know Matthew the Raven, voiced superbly by Patton Oswalt. Matthew was a human before he died and became a messenger raven in the Dreaming.

Morpheus is reluctant to have another raven at first, but soon becomes fond of Matthew as the loyal bird becomes his eyes and ears on all levels. He even helps Morpheus defeat Lucifer in a battle of wits.


Lyta's comic book roots are quite different from those of the show, but her role remains significant within the story. Introduced in the second half of season 1, she plays Rose Walker's neighbor and surrogate mother figure who assists Rose in her search for her brother, Jed.

Lyta has also recently lost her husband, Hector, whom she continues to see in her dreams. This pregnancy is a major component of The Sandman ethos as her baby grows more important later on.


Stephen Fry is always a welcome addition to anything he appears in. Playing the friendly British chap, Gilbert, also known as the dream, Fiddler's Green, Fry brings a whimsical charm to the otherwise sombre mood in The Sandman.

Gilbert assists Rose in her quest to find and save her brother Jed, and after doing so returns to the plane of The Dreaming and resumes his true purpose. Fiddler's Green can now rest after a successful job, but will the kindly dream return to Rose if she is ever in danger?


Lucifer, once the most powerful and beautiful angel of all, was God's right hand until she rebelled and was sent to Hell, where she has been ruled for over billions of years. She is also one of the most powerful beings in The Sandman world due to her dedication to the cause.

When Dream is searching for his helm, she encounters her in her realm, resulting in a thrilling debate between the two entities. Their confrontation ends with Dream winning, causing enormous embarrassment for the dark lord. Now Lucifer, together with her legion of demons, is planning something unprecedented: invading the Dreaming and eventually the waking world.

Johanna Constantine

In Netflix's adaptation, the iconic trench-coat-wearing, demon-slaying, occult detective is a bit different. Played by Jenna Coleman, the Constantine character is an amalgamation of the two comic characters, Johanna and John, giving viewers the best of both worlds.

She is first seen repelling a demon and then helping Dream retrieve his sand, but she just disappears. Her maternal grandfather, also Johanna, is mentioned briefly in the past, but that's all. It's a shame she doesn't get more screen time next season, as Constantine is a fascinating and conflicted character.


The personification of Death (Kirby Howell-Baptise) is Dream's elder sister as well as his go-to confidante. Tasked with sending mortal souls on their next journey, Death gives the departed a peaceful and warm welcome from the Waking World.

Death is pleasant and optimistic while seeing the wonder in humanity and understands the importance of her responsibility, unlike many other interpretations of our eventual demise. She only appeared in one episode in Season 1, but she definitely did not receive enough screen time as she deserves as she is one of the most fascinating characters in the show.