A Dozen New Superpowers in 'The Boys' Season 3

A Dozen New Superpowers in 'The Boys' Season 3 ...

The Boys, a sequel to Prime Video, takes your preconceived notions about superheroes and sends them to a shambles. The story alternating good and evil characters has piqued many people's interest over the years, with the third season scheduled for this summer.

Homelander, played by Antony Starr, is quick to take center stage as season three's antagonist, and The Boys are on a mission to stop him for good. However, they will need all the help they can get as they try to stop him. Only superpowers can level the playing field in this season.

The Effects Of Temporary V

William Butcher, a Karl Urban co-host of The Boys since the first season, has been the ringleader of the show. He reluctantly takes on the task of caring for Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), her son. It is not long before viewers realize that Butcher is not on the verge of paternity.

Butcher is forever striving to end the Supes' siege of terror, and begins taking the dangerous superpower medication, Compound V. The temporary dosages give Butcher super strength, quick healing, and the famous laser vision that was shown on this season's posters. Butcher's use of Temporary V causes a slew of new problems for The Boys, but it serves its purpose very well. The Temporary V allows Butcher to stand up straight against his adversary, proving that Homelander

The Slippery Slope Of Power

Hughie, played by Jack Quaid, has struggled with both morality and power since the first episode of the show. A terrible incident that many can't believe was broadcast during the first episode of the show, sent Hughie on a path of revenge. During season three, Hughie tries to turn his life around, defeating Supes 'the right way' and keeping his hands free of blood.

As Homelander becomes more unstable, Hughie joins Butcher, who has been known for the notorious head-popper from the previous season. The two set off on a quest to discover a weapon that can truly defeat Homelander once and for all. Hughie is struck by the V's devastating side effects, but audiences may soon see him restore his abilities in the next season.

Blasts From The Past

Grace Mallory's (Laila Robins/Sarah Swire) flashback of her Nicaragua trip shows Payback, the main superhero group that existed before Homelander and The Seven were created. Swatto (Joel Labelle), who did not survive the Nicaragua trip, has wings like an insect's that give him the ability to fly. She died as a result of Butcher and Hughie's new abilities at an amusement park.

The TNT twins (Kristen Booth and Jack Doolan) have powers that permit them to effectively shoot lightning bolts out when they hold hands. Mindstorm (Ryan Blakely) is a telekinetic, with a special knack for trapping people inside their dreams. Black Noir was murdered by Homelander for concealing his surprise connection with Soldier Boy.

Soldier Boy Born Again

When Jensen Ackles signed onto season three of The Boys, fans of Supernatural were surprised to learn that he would join up with Eric Kripke again. Here, however, Ackles is not a heroic Winchester. Soldier Boy's reign as leader of Payback was tyrannical and cruel. Before his team's mutiny, Soldier Boy had incredible strength, advanced combat abilities, and the common power of super-healing.

Soldier Boy was believed to have been killed many years prior to the present time period of the program. Halfway through season 3, The Boys learn that Soldier Boy is still alive and being held captive by the Russians. They used his new abilities to exorcise Homelander, which ultimately resulted in a final confrontation with the show's finale. However, nothing goes according to plan in Soldier Boy's recovery.

Renewed And Improved

For as many powers as there are in season 3, there are many more that are well-known. And yet there are three Supes in particular who have powers that are neither new nor old, but rather restored or improved. She is the only character to lose or restore permanent powers in the show so far. A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) was unable to use his powers without suffering a heart attack. His new abilities will likely result in a front-runner position for future superhero battles.

Starlight (Erin Moriarty) has yet to have any difficulties with her powers, but audiences saw an increase in her abilities this season. When Hughie sees Starlight in danger during her battle with Soldier Boy, he increases her power of the surrounding lights. This gives Starlight a bomb-like boost, so powerful that she levitates before destroying Soldier Boy.