From 'Predator' to 'Prey,' here's how to rank every variant of the Predator

From 'Predator' to 'Prey,' here's how to rank every variant of the Predator ...

The Yautja, also called Predators or Hunters, are a technologically advanced species of humanoid aliens living within a society that craves trophy hunting to prove itself. Unblooded Yautjas must seek out only the most worthy prey and hunt them to be initiated within their respective clans.

The Yautja species and their lore have been expanded upon in comics, video games, and other films, first shown in Alien. While not all movies and lore are part of an official canon, the Yautja species have a fleshed-out culture and a long list of Predators seen in the film.

Chopper, 'Alien vs. Predator' (2004)

Chopper was an unblooded Yautja, a member of the Isolated Clan and a hunting party that lured humans in as sacrifices to breed Xenomorphs for a ritual hunt. However, Chopper was impaled by a Xenomorph's tail and failed to stop an alien, let alone kill one.

Celtic, 'Alien vs. Predator' (2004)

Celtic was the Choppers' older brother and the leader of their three children. Celtic was also an unproven adolescent looking for its first worthy defeat of a Xenomorph. Still, Chopper's efforts were harmed by the alien's acidic blood, which ate away at his netting and wristblades, eventually becoming the same Xenomorph that killed his brother.

Crucified Predator, 'Predators' (2010)

The Crucified Predator was a common Yautja hunter who was captured and sent to a prisoner on the game preserve planet populated by the Super Predators. Discovered and released by the mercenary Royce (Adrien Brody), the Yautja hunter braved the Super Predator before being brutally slaughtered.

Tracker, 'Predators' (2010)

Noland (Laurence Fishburne) referred to Tracker as the "difference between dogs and wolves." Tracker's plasmacaster was used to murder Noland and impale Nikolai (Oleg Taktarov) but could not see that the Russian soldier had pulled the pins on his claymores, exploding them both.

Fugitive Predator, 'The Predator' (2018)

The Fugitive Predator's affiliation was unknown, but he possessed human DNA and wanted to help humanity before being captured by Project Stargazer, led by Will Traeger (Sterling K. Brown). Despite his limitations, the captured Yautja spit through the lab full of soldiers and security with automatic weapons in one of the film's greatest scenes. However, this character was also a device to demonstrate the superior Upgrade Predator, who smashes the Fugitive's head in

Falconer, 'Predators' (2010)

Falconer was a Super Predator hunter who used a Predator Falcon drone to assist his hunt. This drone could mimic the visions of Yakuza assassins in their bio-helmets. In a one-on-one encounter, both men triumphed.

Ancient Predator, 'Alien vs. Predator' (2004)

The Ancient Predator, or Elder Predator, is a well-known Yautja hunter because of his rank, and for often mentoring young Yautja hunters. While this Elder is impressive because of its rank, the team it oversaw failed to keep his filmtic reputation.

Scar, 'Alien vs. Predator' (2004)

Scar was the brother of Chopper and Celtic, who both died to Xenomorphs. However, Scar was the only one to become blood. Once Scar confirms his first worthy kill, he is seen marking himself with acidic blood, signifying his ascension to a blooded Yautja. Scar then teamed up with Lex (Saana Lathan) to defeat the alien hive and its queen, but his body served as the Predalien, seen in the AVP sequel

Greyback, 'Predator 2' (1990)

Greyback was also an Elder of the Yautja species and a leader of the Lost Tribe. Harrigan was presented with the flintlock pistol, the same pistol used in Prey. In 1990, Greyback led his clan to Los Angeles, where he was known for leading nine Yaujta hunters, the City Hunter, and many others to list off.

Feral Predator, 'Prey' (2022)

The Feral Predator is the first Yautja to visit Earth, as shown in the latest installment, which rewrites some expanded lore. This lesser-equipped Feral may be considered a youngblood because advanced weaponry must be earned through successful hunting in Yautja culture. However, the Feral Predator underestimated a young Comanche tracker as she used her knowledge of the land to outwit him.

City Hunter, 'Predator 2' (1990)

The City Hunter, or Ghost, was aware of a competitor Yautja hunter's exploits in 1987 and looked to Earth to show his worth. Leaving a trail of gang members, police, and a top secret CIA taskforce, the City Hunter was shocked to be beaten by Lt. Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover).

Upgrade Predator, 'The Predator' (2018)

The Upgrade Predator was essentially Superman among the common and Super Predators, despite its obvious physical advantages; the higher you are, the harder you fall.

Jungle Predator, 'Predator' (1987)

In 1987, the Jungle Predator systematically destroyed a highly experienced military force in Guatemala's jungle, utilizing its technology and hunting skills to pursue, demoralize, and deprive elite troops. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Earth's powerful action star, laid down his strength to defeat the evil alien with his head. Jungle ultimately committed suicide by self-destruction.

Berserker Predator, 'Predators' (2010)

The Berserker was an unhinged Super Predator, a former Yautja prodigy turned Bad Blood, who collected the most deadly predators in the galaxy and sent them to a hunting camp of their choosing. Royce (Adrien Brody) took the game for many seasons before becoming a better player and killing the Crucified Predator (Walton Goggins).

Wolf, 'Alien vs. Predator: Requiem' (2007)

Wolf is one of the best Predators to film because he was an Elite due to his extensive experience and qualifications. Wolf fought the Predalien with a nuclear bomb, but he ended his stellar career with a nuclear bomb.