The Director of 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' Says No to Taylor Swift's Cameo

The Director of 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' Says No to Taylor Swift's Cameo ...

Taylor Swift, who already has a solid foundation in the entertainment business, should have gotten a cameo role on a project she loved. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite as simple.

According to The Independent, while discussing The Twilight Effect with Ashley Greene and Melanie Howe's podcast, the film director, Chris Weitz, spoke about how it was possible to make the film. Weitz also talked about the many celebrities who were fans of the franchise and wanted to be a part of the film. At the time, Taylor Swift and I shared the same agent, and he said, Taylor would like to be a part of this film not because of you, but because she is a Twi-hard.

Swifts request entailed even the slightest role imaginable in the film, the singer did not mind playing a waiter or something else as long as it would be a part of the film. However, Weitz denied, stating that the singer's celebrity status would be too much of a distraction from the film's set.

The hardest thing for me was to think that from the moment Taylor Swift enters the theater, for about five minutes, nobody will be able to process anything. I punish myself for it too, because I was like, wow, I could have been hanging out with Taylor Swift. She must have been like, Who is this jerk? But sometimes you make judgements thinking this is the best film.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon's cast and crew went on to smash records at the box office in 2009, earning $72 million in its opening weekend. The Weitz-directed film will end the year with $709 million.

Swift has since gone on to further her career in the film industry, including roles in New Girl and Cats. She has also a role in David O. Rusell's next historical project, Amsterdam, which stars Christian Bale, Robert De Niro, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Chris Rock.

Below is a video of the trailer for Amsterdam: