Spin Me Round embraces chaos by dissecting genre expectations like Horse Girl

Spin Me Round embraces chaos by dissecting genre expectations like Horse Girl ...

The most likely answer to this question would be Florence, Italy. Many of the film's historical significance can be traced back to its cinematic identity in a variety of romantic films, including less well-known thrillers like 2016s Inferno. This is also a film that works without ignoring the specifics of genre classification like they were made of paper.

Jeff Baena and Alison Brie, who had worked on 2020's haunting but darkly humorous Horse Girl, have reintroduced a story that starts out one way before proceeding in at least five different directions, depending on scene to scene. Amber, who is a manager at an Italian chain restaurant that bears the name "Olive Garden," seems to be enthralled by the prospect of seeing everything she can see.

Amber's welcome is a bit tense as she receives all of their passports as part of her corporate training. Yet what makes Spin Me Round so different is how it continually undercuts it, even when it comes to the comedy.

The precise reasons why everything feels so strange are best kept under wraps in order to preserve the experience, though, suffice it to say, the film excels at misdirects. All of that can be challenging to pin down in ways that may be very frustrating, like the coy nature of it all that can easily transform into something dangerous. However, you are left constantly wondering whether or not to trust the characters in this boring training that you wouldnt ever associate with otherwise.

The appearance of a mysterious character, played by Aubrey Plaza, who once again exploits awkwardness to her advantage, only increases the amount of uncertainty in the film. This all ends up largely wacky, if occasionally sporadic, wonders for its narrative. Even when this happens poorly at every turn, it remains entertaining for how random it is. This is clearly by design and central to the experience.

Heidecker's storyline can sometimes feel like he's just a subplot in a Tim & Eric sketch, with Heidecker's himself dryly delivering several lines that might have been ripped off his snarky cooking show segments. Even when this is resolved, it's done in a way that makes clear that this was all a side-effect of the film itself.

The narrative will take us into something completely different and more dire. Some of this requires subterfuge and strategically edited scenes that keep us in the dark for quite a while. By the time we have figured out the whole scope of what is going on, all the various pieces make sense. Even then, the difficult journey to get there is likely to lose many people.

This makes for a film that isn't particularly interested in staying cohesive in all of its setups and payoffs. If you liked Horse Girl, you'll likely find something to enjoy here. The worst part of it is when it embraces this rather audacious absurdity, fragments that it then molds into something entirely different.