Chandler Kinney on 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin': From Living the Disney Channel Dream to Shining on HBO Max

Chandler Kinney on 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin': From Living the Disney Channel Dream to Shin ...

The Collider Ladies Night pre-party is mainly about giving you the scoop on newer talent that are on the verge of becoming big and busy, and I have a lot of faith that it will be the case for Pretty Little Lairs: Original Sin star Chandler Kinney.

The HBO Max reimagining takes place within the existing Pretty Little Liars universe, but it also includes five new characters from the film The Orpheum. Tabby is a film-obsessed high school student who loves to work at the local theater. However, theres also a growing darkness in Tabbys world.

Kinney took the time to join us for a Collider Ladies Night pre-party conversation, which covered her career in the entertainment industry as a whole, and, yes, the biggest spoilers from the final episodes.

Kinney was an aspiring actor who had a very specific idea of what she was aiming for.

I loved Disney Channel growing up, and I always thought that was the benchmark for success. Once you master it and do your Disney wand ID, no one can tell you nothing! But then I got knocked into it, which I was so grateful for, and I did get to do a Disney wand ID.

Kinney discusses what was involved in achieving her dream of becoming a professional footballer. Of course, you have to be skilled and have the stamina, but some people get that great role out of the gate, and that was not the case for me.

I did a bit of Nickelodeon before doing a couple of Disney guest star roles. This was really enjoyable because for me at the time, I felt that it set itself apart from other Disney Channel programs. So to be able to be on that was incredible.

Kinney has played Willa in two Z-O-M-B-I-E-Smovies at this point, and she has even had the opportunity to voice an animated version of the character in Addisons Moonstone Mystery and Addison's Monster Mystery.

Kinney took a moment to analyze the two different performance styles, beginning with Z-O-M-B-I-E-S: The Origin of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.

I will repeat this over and over again; it is a family film and it continues to ring true. However, when you speak to young children it almost feels like that kindergarten teacher, Were speaking like this so you can hear and understand. However, we truly have such an incredible team, especially with HBO Max, youre not performing like with theater [to] the person in the back row. You're performing to the person right in front of you.

Kinney explained how director Lisa Soper's preference for macro lenses resulted in an exceptionally intense and intimate filming experience:

"She loved using these macro lenses and in her episodes which are 1, 2, 4, 5 and 10, you can see a close up shot of an eyeball or on the face. I think that's the purpose of making people uncomfortable, especially with a lot of the things they're experiencing, but to just be able to exist in front of a camera was a joyous experience."

Kinney is an expert at making cinema appearances in an astonishing natural way. Every single ounce of Tabby feels completely Kinney. And the same is true of every member of the Original Sin ensemble, for that matter. However, sometimes when auditioning for an ensemble show, you may read for a role that you never get to play. Here's what she said.

I was originally hired by Faran, and I was like, man, I got this in the bag! Zaria is a wonderful actress. She has the one-liners, she has the fierceness. I'm sorry for what I said, but I feel the same way about her.

Kinney and Zaria's work went quite smoothly, but Maia Reficco's portrayal of Noa has an especially enticing sense of flair, poise, and coolness that Kinney compared herself to Reficcos, who very aptly expresses how Noa self-carries herself while navigating the ongoing mystery in the show:

Maia Reficco, who plays Noa, is exceptional in every sense of the word. She is always very prepared, but when shes on set, she doesnt need to be running lines. Which is really fun to work with because she's already locked in it If it's a dramatic scene, someone like Maia can jump out of it and then immediately joins in.

Are you interested in learning more about Kinney's work on Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, including what it was like to discover A's true identity? You may view the entire 40-minute conversation at the top of this article or listen to it in podcast form below: