'Young Justice' won't be returning for a fifth season on HBO Max

'Young Justice' won't be returning for a fifth season on HBO Max ...

The series' cancellation would not be the first time Warner Bros. ignored the unquestionable brilliance of Young Justice. The series is loosely based on DC's super team, initially formed by sidekicks such as Robin (voiced by Jesse McCartney), Kid-Flash (voiced by Jason Spisak) and Aqualad (voiced by Khary Payton). After two successful seasons, the series moved to HBO Max with a fourth season, Phantoms, which concluded last June.

Young Justice might not be renewed in the future, due to everything the series has encountered in the last decade. However, the streaming platform is currently experiencing a wave of cancellations as Warner Bros. Discovery tries to reduce costs during their merging. The IP most affected by the changes is DC, with projects such as Batgirl being postponed just months before release and after $90 million was already invested in production.

The Supergirl and Wonder Twins films are reportedly never going into production. However, the lack of official information makes us suspect that the Green Lantern live-action series will be released in 2024. Finally, Blue Beetle has remained intact.

HBO Max is currently offering all four seasons of Young Justice. See the trailer for Season 4 below.