The new D&D album is now available for free to play and download

The new D&D album is now available for free to play and download ...

On Tuesday, Wizards of the Coast released Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, a three-volume love letter to the wackiest Dungeons & Dragons setting, and a lavish surprise for fans a full-length album called Spelljams, available to stream and download.

Chris Perkins, the story architect, recruited Chris Funk, the lead guitarist of The Decemberists, to curate the album. Together with others members of the campaigns' development team, they spent time with each and every artist to talk about their work and how they might approach things like Wildspace, space clowns, space vampires, and space whales.

According to Wizards, I got to meet with each of the musicians and talk about what it means to play in a Spelljammer game [...] You can almost see as they began to grasp the parts of the game that they liked, and then they would be so ecstatic to leave the call and go away and compose their music.

The album is excellent for anyone who loves music, even if you dont pick up or play the campaign. Reggie Watts channels David Hasselhoff in Space Is A Place, and it opens with a moody synth track from Magic Sword.

The complete track list can be found here. The triple gatefold LP will double as a Dungeon Masters screen.