The entire Polygons merch store is now open for purchase

The entire Polygons merch store is now open for purchase ...

Polygon is having a sale!

Everything in Polygons' DFTBA storefront is 20% off till the end of the month. This includes completely normal items like our Polygon enamel pins, as well as stickers and t-shirts for some of our older shows, like Unraveled.

A collection of staggeringly specific goods that will set you apart as a respected member of society, including our Authentic Gamer t-shirts and Pissless mugs (self-explanatory).

Petrana Radulovic, the Entertainment Reporter, modeled the Authentic Gamer shirt, for a business casual appearance that keeps you displaying your gamer cred!

The Pissless mug is without question the most versatile drinking vessel you'll ever find. There are plenty of glasses, mugs, and sippy cups out there that proudly state what they do contain. Tea? Juice? Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee. These cups are for cowards.

The Pissless mug answers a fundamental question that no one was asking: whats not in that cup? It raises even more concerns than it answers, challenging those around you mentally as well as spiritually.

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This is your final chance to get some of these items before they go into the vault forever. The Polygons DFTBA store will be open until the end of August.