Dragon Balls Kamehameha has completely destroyed my Fortnite foes, and now I can't go back

Dragon Balls Kamehameha has completely destroyed my Fortnite foes, and now I can't go back ...

The new Dragon Ball Super event in Fortnite is fantastic.

Bulma and Goku are now playable characters, there are new quests that are fun to watch, and Goku goes down on the Griddy. One of these changes changes the game's gameplay, as well.

Imagine youre navigating from Logjam Lotus's snow-packed roads toward the greener hills surrounding a nearby town. After chugging down a plentiful supply of Chug Splash, you climb a hill and everything appears to be fine... until you hear a strange noise in the distance.


Next thing you know, a Death Star-level laser descends from the sky and sets a whole field on fire, killing several players.

The Kamehameha and the Nimbus Cloud are two new items introduced during the Dragon Ball Super event. They are marked on the map with Capsule Corp drop icons. (You can read our article here.)

The Kamehameha looks like a glowing orb when you pick it up, allowing you to unleash a massive laser of death three times.

To say the least, getting Kamehamehad is horrifying, and it is the best new strategy to be bullied by random 11-year-olds who are playing the game. Here's a clip from it in action.

Pic.twitter.com/9gEoBuIiSn https://t.co/EqtORwkD9M

Here is Goku attempting to deflect attention.

goku gets a dub with the kamehameha and then hits the griddy #Fortnite pic.twitter.com/YscAsZ27s9.

The Nimbus Cloud can be used to blast up into the sky, or at will from any point suspended in the air. The beam has a substantial surface area, and it doesnt need to be aimed all that precisely.

When you do hit someone, it's pretty much an insta-kill. There's nothing quite like seeing your enemy gush his health as you see their small 100 number pop up on the battlefield. The whole experience is equally thrilling and absurd.

With the Kamehameha photo.twitter.com/bUDmrvFl35, Darth Vader is no match for Venom.

Having to wait for it to charge up makes you vulnerable, so its not like it is impossible to beat someone with it. Others may dodge away or snipe at a player while they're charging up.

In Fortnite, I stabbed someone with a Kamehameha midair as Vegeta. WHAT IS THIS GAME LMAOOOO? http://www.twitter.com/O7uLmrdRcn

The Kamehameha is a well-known Dragon Ball attack from the Dragon Ball series. Several characters know how to use the energy beam, but it became popular thanks to its protagonist, Goku. The Kamehameha has long been the subject of memes and viral videos because to the dramatic shouting associated with the power. Goku must shout, Ka-me-ha-me-ha as he builds up the power required to successfully execute the attack.

But before we can imagine what it would be like to pull one off in Fortnite, we can just go and do it.