The Mortuary Assistant combines body embalming with demon invasions

The Mortuary Assistant combines body embalming with demon invasions ...

It's quite common to get a new job and have things take an unexpected turn. It's usually something like a friendly coworker or learning a new software. I have to not only prepare bodies for burial, but I also have to protect myself from demons by surviving terrible visions and supernatural creatures.

The Mortuary Assistant begins with a heavy helping of cheese, warning the player that this game may result in their house being occupied by hostile demons, and if that is the case, they should consult with a paranormal investigator or a priest. I enjoy the games audacity; it not only informed me that playing the game might open a portal to hell, but also that if that happens, I am completely on my own.

Rebecca, the protagonist, gets a new job as the titular mortuary assistant. Raymond, the boss, seems to be off the hook... but this is a competitive job market these days. One of these corpses is possessed by a demon, and Rebecca is at danger of possession herself.

The Mortuary Assistant is a point-and-click adventure game that allows me to go about my responsibilities with the deceased, including draining cavities and smashing at the bones' gums. It's grueling work, punctuated by the process of reviewing a 90s-era office PC to keep everything tidy.

My first shift is pleasant and easy, but my second shift becomes terrifying when lights go out, scary whispers echo in my head, and I am briefly teleported to a nightmare realm. Hilariously, Rebecca freaks out and Raymond bluntly states that she must listen and follow the correct arcane ritual in order to avoid being invaded by a demon.

Raymond, I'd prefer if you included all of this information in your job interview. I'm not sure why you're yelling at me for this arrangement. I, in general, prefer not to be in dangerous situations.

After I get into a routine where I go about my job, checking cabinets, and doing the busywork of the job... before discovering a malevolent demon or being engulfed into a nightmare of the past, the narrative remains pleasant and brief.

The Mortuary Assistant is also a joy to watch streamers play as they are randomly generated horror stories. Some players are ambushed by a seemingly loving grandmother, while others are shocked by a grinning demon hidden in the shadows of a fan. It's not particularly gory or unbearable, but as a board game or campfire story, its fun to get lost in the details.

The Mortuary Assistant is a tad bit clunky and a few of the puzzles are a bit difficult to navigate, but it does have a fun mix of scares between the satisfying cadence of stapling open wounds and the devastation of shattered guts.

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