Cursed to Golf is the oldest video game golf course in history

Cursed to Golf is the oldest video game golf course in history ...

The typical golf video game has six to seven courses and well over 100 holes. What Are You Getting Away From a Sand trap? It's only one course with 18 holes. And falling out of a sand trap wont result in a bogey as much as your eternal death.

This is not a typical golf video game. It is the most torturous and creative twist on the golf formula Ive ever played. And I still havent completed those 18 holes.

Cursed to Golf has a lot of similarities to the traditional golf game (hit a ball with a stick until you get it into a hole), but it quickly deviates from that model in surprising ways.

Cursed to Golf requires a certain amount of strokes to complete each hole. Run out of strokes and you're dead. Literally. You'll have to start from hole one again with far less strokes. You'll have to smash statues scattered around the course to earn more strokes.

A mulligan is a simple device that allows you to retake a shot without losing your stroke total. Another card stops time at any moment you choose, potentially saving you from a hazard.

It may seem like youre given an edge, but careful use of these cards throughout your 18-hole journey is required. Its easy to get caught up in your stroke count and just continue burning your cache of cards until you have no chance to escape the hole. Every shot matters in your quest to escape hell.

Cursed to Golf is far more intense and strategic than most golf games, which usually put me in a deep state of relaxation. This is a step down from hardcore roguelikes such as Spelunky HD and Slay the Spire, where a moment of neglect can result in disaster.

Cursed to Golf has 18 holes, but these aren't all that often, since the game's structure isn't that complex. Hazard and statue placements change each time you start from scratch, so you can't just memorize the most effective approach to each hole.

The first time through a new theme will undoubtedly result in death as you misinterpret a hazard and lose a few strokes as you attempt to control it. Even greater challenges will emerge if you master the zone.

When it comes to video game golf, the majority of the modifications on the formula work well, but there are still some flaws. For instance, when you play long range, full-power shots with your driver, your vision is painfully limited.

Ive found myself getting closer and closer to the infamous 18th hole on each run, without any desire to stop until Ive recovered my mortality. Its a testament to Chuhai Labs, which was willing to risk such a risk with such a proven method that I havent stopped even after several catastrophic deaths. And I will never stop until I remove this dreaded albatross from my neck.

Cursed to Golf will be released on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on August 18th. Chuhai Labs provided a pre-release download code, which does not affect editorial content, although Vox Media may earn commissions for purchases made via affiliate links.

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