The five strangest Spelljammer creatures to bolster your D&D campaign

The five strangest Spelljammer creatures to bolster your D&D campaign ...

Every page in the Monster Manual is filled with potential opponents and foes for your players to encounter in Dungeons & Dragons. A box set featuring an adventure taking place on the Astral Plane and a campaign guide filled with new spaceship rules and character suggestions is the real gem, the Boos Astral Menagerie.

The book contains a number of creatures from the original Spelljammer, including the mercane magic item dealers, as well as Lovecraftian horrors like the brain-collecting neh-thalggu. These are the five weirdest creatures you should include in your game if you want to make the most of the space opera setting.

[Ed. note: There are definitely some clowns in here. Dont say we didn't tell you.]


When it comes to shopping, a group of dohwars, also known as a cartel, is never happier. Three-foot-tall brightly colored penguin people like to maintain an air of mystery by wearing cloaks and meeting in dark alleys, even when theyre just doing mundane business. They are also adept negotiators since they are capable of recognizing thoughts and often are mentally linked to each other, a process called merging.

Dohwars also breed space swine and flying boars that are used as trackers or beasts of burden. They may also be trained for combat and dressed in armor, earning them the title of death squealers or roasted and served with applesauce.


Spelljammer has got you covered with these 80-foot-long space whales that swim through wildspace and communicate with each other via blinding flashes from their eye beams. They also have their own gravity and air bubbles where smaller animals may live.

A kindori may be accompanied by a scavver, a space shark that likes eating the whales' parasites. When a kindori dies of illness or old age, scavengers will pick its flesh clean, but the bones are extremely strong. The great beasts skeleton may even be transformed into a terrifying spelljamming ship.

Space Clowns

Space clowns are the fiendish denizens of a clownspace system whose gods were worshipped by their priesthood, which eventually gave them their creepy clownlike appearance.

Space clowns eat other humans, often luring them into carnivals for the pleasure of being entertained. They are skilled performers and acrobats who can always pull a punch out of their pocket, such as shocking with a touch or shoving a pistol that acts like the Jokers gas and afflicts the victim with uncontrollable laughter. Theyre also masters of illusion in a nod to It.

Space Hamsters

This book is full of elves with the word space thrown in front of them, but few have the rich history of the space hamster, which is equally as cute as a normal rodent. Gnomes have tried to deflect spelljaming ships with gigantic hamster wheels, but have failed.

Boo, the name used in the Baldurs Gate video game, is supposedly a miniature giant space hamster, a species created by wizard experiments on their gigantic cousins that made him tiny, intelligent, and telepathic. However, according to Minscs many descriptions, he, and in fact all hamsters on the Material Plane, is just hiding his psychic abilities from everyone except his best friend.


Why do you need a simple portmanteau to house all the people you love? Vampirates are pirates who have died but continue to roam wildspace, stealing not just plunder but the life essence of their victims. They prefer to eat or drink, but they like to do it, especially singing dark sea shanties.

Vampires usually require a lot of effort to defeat, but these versions explode in a cloud of destructive necrotic dust as soon as theyre dropped to zero hit points. Lefty, his own hand that he lost in a swordfight, is accompanied by a savage claw that can play musical instruments and communicate with gestures.

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