What Caused Bruce Banner to Injure His Arm?

What Caused Bruce Banner to Injure His Arm? ...

Thanos was a powerful purple mf, because snapping with those infinity stones cost one precious life, and it appears to be causing worry about our dear Bruce Banner as well.

Thanos' survival will never be known, but we may be able to guess how Bruce Banner remained afloat.

How did Hulk injure his arms?

The She-Hulk Attorney at Law is out, and simply put, it is a very entertaining and informative look at the OG Avengers, and this program is expected to be a smash hit like the rest of Phase 4, so Marvel may be rest assured right now.

In Avenger Endgame, we last saw Hulk in all his glory. Even then, he had turned himself into the Smart Hulk but still managed to fight alongside his fantastic team.

Hulk suffered injuries to his hand after the snap, although it was not a big deal back then with the death of Black Widows and Iron Mans' sacrifice; now we can see what really happened.

How is Hulk staying in his human form?

Hulk was still smart Hulk when we left him in Endgame and even in the minor appearance in Shang-Chi, but at the start of the first episode in She-Hulk, we see him in his usual human form.

Once we get Bruce's explanation, we conclude that Iron Man, also known as Tony Stark, helped him establish a lab in Mexico, and that Bruce Banner came up with a method to help him remain in human form using a device that he calibrated himself according to his system.

Jens blood, once she became She-Hulk, apparently helped his hand better than any of his years in the lab.