What Happened to the Iron Mans Mask in the Endgame?

What Happened to the Iron Mans Mask in the Endgame? ...

If Tony Stark is not mentioned in the film, is it even a marvel? Iron Man has a significant influence on the MCU's entire history, so it is almost impossible to forget him.

Even in the first, although it is a brief but unbelievably good episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, we learn that Tony spent most of his time chatting with Bruce Banner while he was drunk. Steve Rogers isn't the focus of attention.

We also saw the wood carving of their initials; no, we are not crying right now. But, for the sake of a moment, we will take a brief break from sobbing.

Iron Man Mask from Endgame

At the end of the Avengers Endgame, we didnt know what happened to Iron Mans' mask, which was quickly removed when they rushed to his aid.

Bruce Banner may have chosen to save. With Natasha gone and the rest left in a state of emotional turmoil, the only one who was apparently a little sane during that time was Hulk.

What happened when Iron Mans' Endgame Mask came to be known as Hulk?

At the time of Endgame events, he felt like he was losing a friend very well in sync.

Although we did not get to see how it all ended up with Bruce, we could see that Iron Man's half-damaged mask from the Endgame was on display in Bruce Banner's living room.

If you want to stay in a quiet beachside house with a Tony Stark high-tech lab, this is the perfect location.

Despite the fact that we have yet to receive a proper tour around the house, we can assure you that it is filled with memories and souvenirs from the OG Avengers encounters.