In She-Hulk, why did a spaceship shoot Bruce Banner and Jen Walters?

In She-Hulk, why did a spaceship shoot Bruce Banner and Jen Walters? ...

With the first episode of She-Hulk Attorney at Law, we are bursting with revelations and information from the past.

We're unsure how they managed to absorb so many information in a 35-minute episode. From the shocking revelation that Captain America is not a virgin to Tony Starks, we get a lot of things to reminisce about the OG Avengers.

What happened when a spaceship attacked Bruce Banner and Jen Walters?

An Avenger does not have to carry a target on his back; if you can express it nicely, they would not have any benefit from it.

Even if the number of people following you can help prove your worth and power as an Avenger, this spaceship in She-Hulk Attorney at Laws' first episode came out of nowhere.

What spaceship has struck Bruce Banner and Jen Walters?

All we could see at that moment was that it was golden and in a few seconds, we see them tumble round the side grail.

Jen Walters turns green and gets some rage out of her system, she is taken to Bruce Banners massive beachside house that he built up during the crash.

In that scene, Bruce states that the spaceship is a Sakaaran Class-Eight courier craft.

Why is Sakaar looking for Bruce Banner?

Before we get into anything further, this spaceship may have spawned She-Hulk in the end, but it did not appear to be about to start fire.

If the Grand Master intends on taking him out, we don't think he's foolish enough to send a courier craft after the Incredible Hulk.

According to the comics, the spaceship was sent to convey the message about Bruce Banners' Sakaaran son.