A$AP Rocky is accused of pointing a firearm in a Hollywood shooting after just nine months!

A$AP Rocky is accused of pointing a firearm in a Hollywood shooting after just nine months! ...

A$AP Rocky is accused of securing a firearm (gun) in a Hollywood shooting after almost nine months. Lets find out more details about the incident.

Celebrities' lives aren't as easy as we can imagine. Whether it's their personal or their professional life, we all know that they must overcome and deal with everything.

A$AP Rocky is the most well-known celebrity who is going through a difficult time. The rapper was charged with assault with a firearm almost nine months after the Hollywood shooting.

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna's baby will have a difficult time as the rapper was charged with possessing a firearm. We know that he was arrested on 20 April for the incident on 6 November 2021. He was charged on 15 August.

A$AP Rocky is being charged by the office for two counts of assault with a firearm and also the personal use of a firearm. He was reportedly dismissed more than once by one of his former friends in Hollywood.

Rihanna Is Nervous About The A$AP Rockys Court Hearing

On A$AP Rocky, all of the allegations have been proven.

When he got to the airport on 20 April, he was immediately detained and was later released on bail. According to the district attorney George, displacing a pistol in a public place is a serious offense that might have resulted in fatal consequences not only for the person targeted, but also for innocent spectators visiting Hollywood.

He also said that his department has undertaken a thorough investigation of the evidence related to the case. This is why special firearm allegations are necessary.

A$AP Rocky was unconcerned about all these dramas. He is right now touring all over Europe with the help of his girlfriend Rihanna. He is right now very content in his life as he welcomed his first child with Rihanna on 13 May 2022 in Los Angeles. However, Rihanna is quite apprehensive about it.

According to the source of HollywoodLife, Rihanna was shocked when she was approached by law enforcement. She never imagined she would be involved in something like this, especially with her pregnancy and everything else that is going on.

Rihanna does not want things to go down. She cares a lot about A$AP Rocky and her child and that is the reason why she does not want any sort of fuss in their lives.