Zayn Malik Felt Nostalgic As He Sang Night Changes In New Version!

Zayn Malik Felt Nostalgic As He Sang Night Changes In New Version! ...

Zayn Malik posted a video on Instagram singing Night Changes, which sparked reaction as well as nostalgia among fans.

Celebrities have a hard time expressing their feelings toward anything. And if they do, a lot of criticism comes either in the favor or in the opposite. And in the world of social media, we understand how things change instantly.

If we speak of any celebrities who have recently demonstrated one of their feelings directly before fans, but also indirectly, there are a few names. Zayn Malik, a former singer of One Direction, is one of them.

Zayn Malik was last seen singing the one-division song Night Changes, but the song has been modified a bit as he has sung it in a cappella version on Instagram.

The video was shot in black and white and he was sitting and singing the song called Night Changes, which was released in 2014. A lot of followers liked it, but he has also received some hate comments. We can see his arm tattoos that were on display, as well as his long hair with deep vocals.

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Zayn Malik has not kept a single caption but has just posted the video. Some have described the song as a masterpiece for ears, while others praised him for leaving One Direction.

Zayn Malik's latest video is a seven-year absence from the band called One Direction. He has been a member of the band since 2010 and has released his first album. He has worked with many big names including Dusk till Dawn.

Zayn Malik is regularly posting back-to-back photographs and videos. It was only recently that he released a video in black and white singing You And I, a song by One Direction.

Night Changes has become a significant new trend in 2022. A large number of followers are creating reels and Tik Tok videos on the song. Perhaps that is the reason why Zayn Malik has decided to give it a fresh version through his latest video.