Life is Strange is one of the best games for Switch and mobile

Life is Strange is one of the best games for Switch and mobile ...

When I think about narrative-driven games, my mind immediately turns to Life is Strange, which is easily one of my favorite video game franchises. These stories are very well written, and they go deep enough that you have no choice but to feel exactly how the creators want you to feel. Daruberhoe, there are a lot of fun and rewarding moments as well.

Dontnod and Deck Nine have set a high standard for narrative adventure games, but that doesnt mean there arent many out there that arent worth your time. So, we've decided to go out there and try our hand at the best games, like Life is Strange on Nintendo Switch and mobile. These aren't cheap, but they're pretty cool.

If youre after something a little less heavy on your emotions, our selections for the best games like Dark Souls, the best games like the Witcher 3, or the best games like Skyrim, are worth checking out. Alternately, our list of the best Final Fantasy games is packed with great titles for those who enjoy rich worlds with interesting characters.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best games like Life is Strange on Switch and mobile.

Oxenfree Switch and mobile

Because we dont all have the time-bending abilities of Max Caulfield, it's reasonable to say that the events surrounding Max and Chloe in Life is Strange are quite strange. So, if it's that element of LiS that's holding you back, Oxenfree is the perfect game for you, and it's available on Switch, iOS, and Android.

Oxenfree is a time-bending game that follows a teenage party that goes horribly wrong, launching you into a dangerous journey that will put your decision-making skills to the test. However, it also tackles some serious topics, such as the death of a sibling.

Oxenfree Oxenfree Nintendo $9.99 Play Now Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales.

Night in the Woods Switch and mobile

Night in the Woods is a game that's all about its narrative, so if youre looking for another title that's built on a solid narrative to get through it, you should look no further than this one. The town of Possum Springs, and its surrounding areas, have plenty of mystery to unravel, all while traversing around the city in cute platforming action.

Night in the Woods Nintendo $19.99 Play Now Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales.

Firewatch Switch

Firewatch is likely to be equally enjoyable to you if the mystery that intrigues you in Life is Strange. You must navigate your surroundings, attempting to unravel the mystery that surrounds this area. All the while, youre in contact with Delilah, his superior.

Delilah is a common contact point on your journey, and the dialogue choices you choose affect your connection with her. If you give Firewatch a chance, you'll be hooked. The visual style is stunning.

Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales of Firewatch Firewatch Nintendo $19.99 Play Now.

Afterparty Switch

The fact that this game is designed to defeat Satan and return to earth is enough to justify it on any list of games worth playing. Regardless, you may be wondering why you, a Life is Strange fan, would want to play a game about two best friends who end their lives in hell. Well, the fact that its two best friends are one of them.

A lot of the time, you have to make some crucial decisions that will significantly alter the outcome you get. The game's narrative is a major focus, with its supporting elements blending nicely to give you an experience you will never forget.

Play Now: Afterparty Afterparty Nintendo $19.99 Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales.

Disco Elysium Switch

Disco Elysium is a game you should check out if you like dialogue-heavy gameplay. You play as a detective who is assigned with solving a horrific murder by getting to know those around you. Your choices are important in this world, and getting to know others is crucial if you want to find justice in this war-stricken country.

Play Now Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales. Disco Elysium Disco Elysium Nintendo $39.99 Play Now Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales.

Road 96 Switch

Road 96 is a narrative-driven game that follows a group of teenage hitchhikers who are attempting to flee Petria due to the country's dictatorship. These are the decisions you must make, and they can be political, so keep that in mind before you dive in.

Road 96 isnt for everyone, but if you want a game that rewards your actions, this is it.

Play Now Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales on Road 96 Road 96 Nintendo $19.96 $14.97

Life is Strange: True Colors Switch

The latest entry in the Life is Strange series isn't going to get you anywhere near the thrilling experience of Alex Chen, who has recently reunited with her brother after being separated from him for years. She then moves to the town of Haven Springs to live with him. Unfortunately, Gabe's life goes tragic that same day.

The task is now up to Alex and her friends to uncover the truth about what actually happened to her brother. Chen is unique as an empath, one that can comprehend and experience everything. You must assist her through this difficult time of grief, such as joy, anger, sorrow, and fear.

Our picks for the greatest Switch and mobile games include Life is Strange, but some of them also have humorous moments that may even sway you. Nevertheless, this list of the best mobile RPGs is the place to go.