Samir's Tower of Fantasy is a house built by the architect

Samir's Tower of Fantasy is a house built by the architect ...

Samir, a tower of fantasy game, has quickly established herself as a fan favorite among the community. Her stunning, elegant appearance reveals a sharpshooter with deadly aim and an even more deadly sense of humor, which has enthralled many of Asperia's inhabitants.

If you want to have Samir and her OP volt weapons, the Dual EM Stars, on your side, you should look to our Tower of Fantasy Samir build guide, which covers her skills and attacks, weapon stats, and advancement, as well as going into her banner, voice actor, and best team comps in no time.

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Tower of Fantasy Samir

Who is Tower of Fantasys Samir?

Samir is the best gunlinger in the world, even among the elite Executors in Tower of Fantasys. However, beneath all of that, she is a laid-back and open-spirited gal who is known to be a bit of a wildcard, especially due to her fondness for jokes and tricks on others.

Samir is an SSR Simulacra who wields two volt pistols called Dual EM Stars. She is a powerful DPS who excels at both ranged and close-quarters combat, and her highly mobile moveset makes her a formidable opponent to anyone who crosses her path.

Tower of Fantasy Samir banner

Samir is currently available on all weapon banners thanks to her gold or black nucleus. You may also get her from the limited banner with red nucleus if you don't have the featured weapon.

Check out our Tower of Fantasy banners overview to learn more about drop rates, currencies, and current and upcoming limited banners.

Whats the best Tower of Fantasy Samir build?

Samirs Dual EM Stars is a high-dPS weapon that can deliver large amounts of damage with all attacks due to its quick, wide-spread swings. Due to a low shatter score, the Dual EM Stars is an excellent burst DPS weapon that can deal enormous amounts of damage in a short period of time.

Samir's fast-fired combos, powerful spinning aerial strikes, and intuitive AoE abilities make her a formidable player in close-quarters combat, capable of defeating large groups of enemies with ease. However, Dual EM Stars can also be used as a ranged weapon when you hold normal attack. This works well for flying enemies or spicy bosses that are too dangerous to approach.

Samir and her weapon, Dual EM Stars, are a strong choice for a DPS role due to their exceptional burst damage and flexibility.

Tower of Fantasy Samir weapon stats

All of the main stats for the Samirs weapon, Dual EM Stars, are listed below. These are the weapons base stats before you level it up or equip it with any matrices.

The shatter ranking reflects how swift Dual EM Stars can break enemy shields, while the charge rate reflects how quickly the weapon gains charge.

  • CS: 272
  • Shatter: 6.00 (B)
  • Charge: 10.70 (S)
  • Attack: 18
  • HP: 1165
  • Crit: 14
  • Type: Volt when your weapon is fully charged, your next attack paralyses targets for one second and electrifies them for six seconds, negating all buffs and dealing damage equal to 144.00% percentage of attack. Targets cant receive any buffs for the next six seconds

Tower of Fantasy Samir attacks and skills

Each of Tower of Fantasy Samirs' abilities and assaults is presented here. Note that this is based on Dual EM Stars level one stats, and that the stats and buffs increase as you level up the weapon.

Normal attack dual fireWhile on the ground, tap normal attack up to five times in a row.First attack: deal total damage equal to 47.1% of attack +74Second attack: deal total damage equal to 35.8% of attack +56Third attack: deal total damage equal to 119.7% of attack +188Fourth attack: deal total damage equal to 113.1% of attack +178Fifth attack: deal total damage equal to 154% of attack +242 and launch the target
Aerial discharge bullet rainWhile airborne, tap normal attack to fire continuously at the ground, dealing damage equal to 50.6% of attack +79. Each hit consumes 220 endurance
Energy burst (hold attack)Hold normal attack to aim and maintain constant fire, with each hit dealing 23% of attack +36
Phantom kick (aerial + hold attack)While airborne, tap and hold normal attack to trigger phantom kick. Knock the target down and deal damage equal to 70.5% of attack +111. Upon landing, deal damage equal to 98.7% of attack +155 to nearby targets and launch them
Electro fieldTap normal attack after dodging to strongly suspend targets and deal damage equal to 122.6% of attack +193
DodgeDodge right before getting hit to trigger a Phantasia, reducing the speed of enemies within an area. Also become immune to hitstun for 0.5 seconds while dodging.
Electro fieldFire an energy shield at the target location, reflecting beams within the barrier, dealing damage equal to 269.8% of attack +424. Strongly suspends targets with the last hit45 seconds
Domain of thunderWhen weapon charge is full or you trigger Phantasia, switch to Dual EM Stars to remove all debuffs from the wielder, and create a Domain of Thunder at the target location, which strongly suspends targets within the area, dealing a total of 238.3% of attack +374 damage over three attacks to them and dispelling their buffs. The domain lasts for 3.5 seconds and deals damage equal to 42.4% of attack +67 to a target every 0.5 seconds

Tower of Fantasy Samir advancement

The fusion cores that you receive when you purchase more than one copy of a character can be improved by pulling on the banner. Of course, this is up to RNG.

Special bonuses are available when upgrading your weapons by spending fusion cores and gold. Here are some of the benefits you will receive when unlocking each of the Samirs advancement stars.

  • One star: trigger an electrical explosion on the target after landing a critical hit, dealing additional damage equal to 30% of attack to the target and nearby enemies. Cooldown is 0.2 seconds
  • Two stars: increases the weapons base attack growth by 16%
  • Three stars: increases crit rate to electrified targets by 40%. Electrical explosions extend the duration of electrified effects by 0.5 seconds, up to a maximum of five seconds
  • Four stars: increases the weapons base attack growth by 32%
  • Five stars: doubles the duration of your electro field and pulls targets into the centre of the attack
  • Six stars: triggering an electrical explosion reduces skill cooldowns by one second

As seen in the photo above, you also acquire a special skin for Samir when you go to three stars.

What is the finest Tower of Fantasy Samir matrix set?

Samir has her own matrix set designed around her kit, and, as such, this is always the best choice for her if you can get hold of it. It can be obtained from the standard and limited matrix banners, or you can purchase it from the Commissarys matrix store for base chips.

The Sobek set is also a handy option for Samirs when she's surrounded by many enemies, as it boosts her damage even more. Or, if you're looking for something super basic to tide you over, go with the R-rank set's standard operation, which increases Samirs volt damage.

Check out our Tower of Fantasy matrices guide to learn more about the different matrix sets and where to obtain them.

ToF matrix setRarityEffect
SamirSSRTwo equipped: increases your damage progressively by 1% upon hitting a target. Stack up to 10/13/16/20 times. Lasts 1.5 secondsFour equipped: increase Dual EM Stars electrical explosion damage by 16%/22%/30%/40% of attack
Swamp Shadow: SobekSRThree equipped: increases damage dealt by 6%/7.5%/9% for each enemy nearby. Up to three stacks
Standard operationRThree equipped: increases damage dealt by volt weapons by 6%

Tower of Fantasy Samir upgrade materials

The following items will be required if you want to upgrade your Tower of Fantasy Samirs weapon or Dual EM Stars. Check out our Tower of Fantasy map guide for further help finding what you need.

OneTen400Two magcore
Two20800Two magcore
Three301,200Three magcore, one nano coating I
Four401,600Three magcore, one nano coating I, three booster frame I
Five502000Four magcore, four nano coating I, four booster frame I
Six602,400Six magcore, six nano coating I, six booster frame I

Tower of Fantasy Samir team comps

Samir is the ideal DPS player, therefore, when choosing weapons to support Dual EM Stars, their primary focus should be boosting and supporting. Due to Samir's low shatter rank, pairing her with a powerful shield breaker like King or Echo is a great idea. Additionally, pairing her with King or Echo increases your final damage.

Venus, a Tower of Fantasy Nemesis weapon, compliments Samir nicely due to its outstanding healing power and powerful sub-DPS. Alternately, you may use Zeros Negating cube for heals and shields, or Cocoritters healing staff for heals and shields, due to its high healing output and freeze application.

Tower of Fantasy Samir gifts

Remember that her favourite tags are games and toys. Below are a list of all of Samir's favorite gifts, as well as their rarity, their value, and where to get them.

GiftRarityAwakening points givenHow to obtain
3D Hykros puzzlePurple60Special gift box
Banges specialtyPurple60Special gift box
Music boxPurple60Special gift box
New game consolePurple60Special gift box
Plush toyPurple60Special gift box
Smarty dollPurple60Special gift box
Cat throw pillowBlue30Fine gift box
Chess setBlue30Fine gift box
Coloring bookBlue30Fine gift box
Moonrabbit kitBlue30Fine gift box
Custom poker deckGreen15Small gift box or from the item vendor in Banges
Paper PinwheelGreen15Small gift box or from the item vendor in Banges

Tower of Fantasy Samir awakening rewards

Giving Samir gifts earns you awakening points. Upon reaching certain awakening milestones, you can also earn recollection rewards. Here are all of the Tower of Fantasy Samirs awakening rewards.

Awakening pointsRecollection reward
200Samir avatar
600Log: Dance Alone
1,200Samir: Trickery trait grants one stack of concentration for every four seconds when Samir receives no damage. Each stack increases damage dealt by 3%, and can stack up to four times. After being hit, Samir loses one stack of Concentration, up to one stack per second
2,000Log: Resonance
3,000Log: Concerto
4,000Samir: Shadow trait grants one stack of concentration for every four seconds when Samir receives no damage. Each stack increases damage dealt by 4%, and can stack up to five times. After being hit, Samir loses one stack of concentration, up to one stack per two seconds

Who is Tower of Fantasy Samirs voice actor?

Brittany Cox, who plays Genshin Impacts Fischl, Ingrid from Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, and Josie Jane from WWE 2k22 are all well-known roles from ToF Samirs.

Nana Mizuki, her Japanese voice actor, has an equally impressive filmography. Her previous films include Persona 5 Ann, Tamarinne from Epic Seven, Fragile from Death Stranding, Cheelai from Dragon Ball, and Margaret from The Seven Deadly Sins.

Our Tower of Fantasy Samir build guide has been completed. To learn more about the rest of the ToF crew, check out our Tower of Fantasy characters guide. Or, for more open world fun, check out our Genshin Impact tier list.