Michelle Yeoh Wasnt in Kill Bill: Unbelievable Uma Thurman Could Kick Your Ass, According to Tarantino

Michelle Yeoh Wasnt in Kill Bill: Unbelievable Uma Thurman Could Kick Your Ass, According to Taranti ...

Michelle Yeoh knows why her long-time fan, Oscar winner Quentin Tarantino, did not cast her in his martial arts film Kill Bill.

Tarantino has been open about the fact that vengeful The Bride (Uma Thurman) was directly inspired by Yeoh's role in the 1992 action comedy Police Story 3, but Yeoh was never asked to take on The Bride in either Kill Bill or its sequel.

Yeoh admitted that she asked Quentin the same question about not being cast in the 2003 film or its subsequent 2004 Vol. 2 in a Town & Country cover story.

Yeoh said of Tarantino, who would believe that Uma Thurman could kick your ass?

Tarantino said that he has been a huge, huge admirer of Yeoh for decades. The director of the Hateful Eight explained that she always had a twinkle in her eye.

After a horrifying accident on the set of The Stunt Woman, Yeoh revealed that Tarantino encouraged her to continue acting.

After talking with Tarantino, Yeoh said, "Maybe I'm not willing to give up on this." She then went on to star in her first English-language lead role in the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies.

As Tarantino has speculated on a third installment for his 10th and final film, Yeoh might still be able to appear in a Kill Bill volume.

Why is it that Tarantino mentioned a third Kill Bill film before he added, but first, I want to make a comedy.

The Kill Room, a dark comedy action film starring longtime Tarantino collaborator Samuel L. Jackson, might be about The Bride and Bebe played by real-life mother and daughter Thurman and Maya Hawke as a duo on the run 20 years after the sequel's events.

The Kill Room, directed by Nicol Paone, centers on a hitman (Joe Manganiello) and his boss (Jackson) who accidentally blow their covers off due to an art dealer (Thurman). Debi Mazar and Larry Pine also star.