Streaming Helped Streaming Earn A Major Victory Over Cable TV

Streaming Helped Streaming Earn A Major Victory Over Cable TV ...

The steady decline in linear TV viewership, as well as in cable and satellite subscriptions, has pushed the entertainment spotlight more onto streaming services. In July 2022, the huge success of Stranger Things' fourth season on Netflix helped put streaming services at the top of cable TV for the first time ever in terms of monthly viewership percentage shares.

After Fall TV, NFL games, and Yellowstone Season 5, the world of streaming may finally enthrone the kings' crown.

According to Nielsen data, streaming content accounted for 34.8% of viewership shares (compared to cables 34.4%) an average of 190.6 billion minutes of movies, TV shows, and more being streamed every week in July. Not only does that easily surpass the 169 million minutes-per-week average clocked during the early COVID quarantine months, but the five weeks in July 2022 now stand as the most successful stretch for streaming programming on record.

Netflix was the most popular service with a sub-share of 8%, thanks in large part to Stranger Things' 18 billion+ minutes of streaming, which kicked off the month by removing the extended final two episodes of Season 4, which has since become a household name. (The Umbrella Academys chart-topping third episode combined for over 11 billion minutes of viewing, while The Gray Man and The Sea Best feature releases.)

Outside Netflix and the 10.2% of the shares that accounted for Other Streaming YouTube, Hulus landed 7.3% of the shares. (I shame my children NumberBlocks video viewing accounts for at least half of that.) This was bolstered by Amazons Prime Video service (3.0%) with its popular series The Terminal List and The Boys delivering 8 billion streaming minutes in July.

The top 1% of Disney+ customers in the rundown of services was topped out by HBO Maxs 1.0%. It's possible that shows such as Marvels Ms. Marvel didn't have the following Disney+ executives would have desired, while HBO Maxs' more high-profile July premieres (Harley Quinn and Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin) didnt debut until the end of the month.

Cable TV and broadcast revenues were lower in recent months and years, although the absence of live sports coverage is likely to be the most significant factor to consider. From September through February, the NFL will certainly triumph in all ratings-related rundowns, with Amazon's stronghold on Thursday Night Football attempting to alter some of those statistics.

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