Staffers of Wendy Williams recall a conflicting encounter with the daytime host before her show's cancellation

Staffers of Wendy Williams recall a conflicting encounter with the daytime host before her show's ca ...

Even as Wendy Williams is reportedly working on her new plan to return to live television, there is still a lot of concern about her health. Willliams has become especially ill in the last year due to the daytime talk show host being unable to return for what ended up being the last season of The Wendy Williams Show. Former staff members have revealed what transpired during the time between the two.

Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein organized a Zoom meeting to update Wendy Williams employees after the show's original premiere date of September 20 was postponed by THR. However, the meeting apparently went south quite quickly, with allegations that Williams did not appear like herself or her speech muddled.

She gets on and starts rambling about Im really fine, its going to be fine, and its like, What are you saying? [She was] starting to stutter.

The co-presidents apparently had already rehearsed with Wendy Williams what she would say during the meeting, and had been conversing with the host for about two hours beforehand. However, as they became increasingly concerned, the Zoom session quickly ended, causing more confusion.

Debmar-Mercurys vice president Lonnie Burstein attended the aforementioned virtual meeting in the studio with about 50 members of the staff, and said the truth became clear to them all at that time.

It lasted two and a half, three minutes, and it was a stormy evening. People were sort of panicked. She was yelling, Oh, I'll see you again shortly, but it was obvious to anyone watching that she was not going to be back anytime soon.

Later that same day, on Instagram, The Wendy Williams Show would be postponed for longer, with new episodes coming October 18. However, when Season 13 did premiere, the eponymous host remained absent, and guest hosts continued to fill in for Wendy Williams throughout the season.

Sherri Shepherd, a new show hosted by Wendy Williams, was announced as the new Wendy Williams show in February. Her previous shows reported to have generated the most interest in viewers and ratings.

The situation around Williams' health isnt any clearer until nearly a year later. Early in August, she reportedly said she had just married, which her brother Tommy Williams said was very strange because it wasnt true. He'd also spoken out in the last few months about the heart-wrenching situation, as Wendy apparently does not need any help.

With this new information on the staff meeting that was held before Season 13, it is easy to see why there was so much confusion and worry surrounding that situation. Its also disheartening that Wendy Williams loved ones continue to live in that same state today. As always, we wish the best for the iconic media personality.