The Bounty Hunter Dog Was a Part of The Brian Laundrie Manhunt. He's Now Getting Tips About Another Disappearance

The Bounty Hunter Dog Was a Part of The Brian Laundrie Manhunt. He's Now Getting Tips About Another  ...

Back in 2021, the nation was shocked by the alarming facts surrounding the Gabby Petito killing. Brian Laundrie, also a 22-year-old, was discovered dead in Wyoming only weeks after being investigated by the authorities for his involvement in the incident, which in turn prompted Dog the Bounty Hunter to join the manhunt.

Kiely Rodni, a 16-year-old girl from Lake Tahoe, California, mysteriously vanished on August 6 after being last seen at a high school party in Truckee, California, according to Fox News. During a briefing this week, police officials said they were in fact reducing their efforts after ten days and 16,000 man-hours were put in without any clues to Rodnis' whereabouts being discovered. However, they are still looking for any clues, videos, tips,

Although he was not directly involved in the recovery of Brian Laundrie, his connection generated thousands of tips in the case via his own hotline. His representative told TMZ that he has been receiving a slew of emails and tips lately urging him to join the hunt.

According to the rep, the 69-year-old is hesitant to offer his services in the wake of the criticism he received over the Brian Laundrie manhunt. Most notably, fans and even the Laundries family criticized Dog the Bounty Hunter for only appearing to be interested in getting publicity. It was also unclear whether or not Dog was planning a television comeback around the same time as the producer of the Marriage Boot Camp franchise and other major reality shows.

Duane Dog Chapman will only agree to cooperate with future investigations, including Kiely Rodnis, under one of two conditions. Either a family member or law enforcement agency must invite him in to assist, or the person in question must have officially been declared a missing for 21 days.

Dog the Bounty Hunter jumped into the manhunt for a double murder in Utah last August. The delay in locating the suspect prompted the father of one to enlist the CMT alum.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is most likely to hand over any information he has about Kiely Rodni, whether genuine or not, to the police leading the investigation. However, his direct participation may require a bit more effort.