Promo codes for Pokemon Go, TCG, Sword and Shield, and UNITE for the 2022 Pokemon World Championship

Promo codes for Pokemon Go, TCG, Sword and Shield, and UNITE for the 2022 Pokemon World Championship ...

From August 18 to 21, players at home may watch all of the action in the 2022 Pokemon World Championships (PWC) in London, England.

Many games have tie-ins with the PWC, whether it be an actual, complete event in Pokemon Go or codes being given out for special rewards in multiple titles. All of this is being done live, depending on the stream you are watching or the game you are trying to get a reward in.

There are codes to acquire rare Pokemon in Sword and Shield, Pokemon Go has a code for Timed Research and an in-game shirt, UNITE is giving players a shot at their own take on an event shirt, and Pokemon TCG Online and TCG Live are having a special card giveaway.

Here is a list of codes for the 2022 Pokemon World Championships that you may need a hub to check for when each of these special codes goes live, what the rewards are, and how long you have to redeem them.

Promo code for the 2022 Pokemon World Championships

For the first time in Generation Seven, players at home have access to a special code to receive a Victini via official distribution during the 2022 PWC. This code is available to all players but must be used before Aug. 21 at 6:59pm CT.


The Sinistea will know the exclusive move Celebrate and will only give away a Moomoo Milk at the actual 2022 PWC venue. This means you can't get it from home unless you trade with someone who was there.

Pokemon Go has specific Timed Research and other bonuses that are exclusive to players who will be attending the 2022 PWC event, but that does not mean there will not be a worldwide event taking place at the same time to commemorate the games first official appearance as a main title.

The main code players will want to know is the worldwide code for the blue Worlds T-Shir, which will be available to redeem until August 21, likely at 6:59pm CT. Unfortunately, the red version is only offered at the Pokemon Go booth in the venue.


Pokemon Go also includes a second set of codes for players at home, although the code changes hourly. Your best bet to grab the code is by watching the Pokemon Go livestream on Twitch or YouTube, though this article will also be updated periodically with the most recent codes.


UNITE players who watch from anywhere in the world can enter a promo code and receive a special PWC shirt for their in-game avatar.

WORLDS2022 Code:

Players on both the Pokemon TCG Online and TCG Live platforms will want to keep an eye on the TCG stream this weekend to see who is the best, but also to get a special copy of a strong Stadium cardPath to the Peak once the promotion goes live. It will be available until August 21.

Worlds22London Code

This is the last time that Pokken Tournament DX will be featured as a main event at the PWC, but there is no incentive for players to redeem it.

Nintendo is offering the game as a free trial to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers from August 18 to 31. It will also be 30% off on the Switch eShop during this time.