In the first week, the number of players in Cult of the Lamb has exceeded 1 million

In the first week, the number of players in Cult of the Lamb has exceeded 1 million ...

Cult of the Lamb is the most accessible video game story, a great game with a strange concept wrapped in an adorable package. The players and reviewers agree, since the game has surpassed the 1 million mark in a week since its release.

Massive Monster's designers have promised players to continually improve the game, including fixings for any issues they may be experiencing as well as free major content updates.

The Lamb has blessed 1 million players in its first week!Our team is always eager to improve the game with tweaks, fixes, and free major content updates. This is only the beginning as this Cult will continue to grow.

If you had told people who don't know that the game of the year would be a roguelike and city/farm builder game in which the player controls a baby sheep whose sole purpose is to grow their cult and hack their way through hordes of unbelievers in January, you'd probably have raised an eyebrow or two. The mish-mash of styles and themes works, from the game's horrific bosses to the wonderfully cute animation style used by you and your

Cult of the Lamb is a fast-paced game that also has a solid combat system, and the random dungeon generation that makes up the game's combat sections gives it a lot of replayability. All of these things make up for a solid game, and one million players in the first week for Massive Monster and publisher Devolver.

There is currently no major information on what the developers intend to add to the game, aside from the content updates promised in the celebratory tweet. However, with a base game that is already so compelling, it is difficult to imagine a world in which a free content update wouldn't attract even more players for Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb is available on Steam,, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, and is intended for gamers who wish to make their own cult.