Overwatch's Best Reaper Skins

Overwatch's Best Reaper Skins ...

What is the definition of a multiplayer game that excludes cosmetics, especially skins?

Since the game was first released, Blizzard has been experimenting with new Overwatch skins for all of its characters. Players have come to expect new skins during each event and as a token of the Overwatch League.

Reaper, one of Overwatch's most popular skins, has one of the most loaded portfolios. Starting with the game's first Halloween event, a shotgun-wielding edgelord persona was a perfect fit for a headless horseman-inspired skin, which became one of Overwatch's most popular skins right off the bat.

Here are the finest Overwatch Reaper skins in the meantime.

Best Reaper skins in Overwatch

This Edgar Allen Poe-themed skin remains one of the best in the game despite being one of Reaper's base legendary skins. He also has a recolor called Plague Doctor, but Nevermore wins out due to his classic black and purple color scheme and iconic beaked mask. The raven-shaped shotguns with glowing purple eyes add the perfect edgy touch.

Pumpkin was included in Overwatch's first Halloween terror event in 2016: Tale of the Headless Horseman. It's also one of the game's first post-launch legendary skins, making the head and candelabra icons recognizable.

Rat King is no exception. Due to its gilded royal appearance, it stands out from most of Reapers' darker skins, thanks to its shiny purple bodice, gold accents, and jeweled crown. Add in two pimped-out purple shotguns that are also laced with gold, and you have the most colorful skin in Reapers' arsenal.

The best skins in Hellfire aren't always in the legendary category; this fiery, demonic skin belongs to the epic category, yet it's still one of Reapers' most impressive pieces. The skin has its own set of particle effects that makes it look like Reapers' face is being surrounded by flickering flames.

The exclusiveness and simplicity of the skin make Blackwatch Reyes one of the games best. Reapers is a reference to Overwatch's commanding officer in the Origins Edition, Legendary Edition, and Game of the Year editions.