How to Get MTG Dominaria United legendary box-toppers

How to Get MTG Dominaria United legendary box-toppers ...

With 20 legendary box-toppers for Dominaria United products, Wizards of the Coast continues to tap into Magic: The Gathering legends of the past.

With the global release of Dominaria United on Sept. 9, a return to the original plane will result in reinterpreted legendary creatures from the past. WotC has included 20 reinterpreted legends that will be released as box-toppers with DMU Draft, set, and collector booster box displays.

19 of the reinterpreted legends are legendary creatures, and one is a legendary planeswalker. All cards are new, paying tribute to the original, and are not reprinted. The DMU legendary box-toppers are legal only in Eternal formats like Commander and Legacy.

Only Stangg, Echo Warrior, and Sivitri, Dragon Master were the only DMU legendary box-toppers to be spoiled so far. The reimagined legendary pays tribute to the original Stangg by creating a token twin of itself called Stangg Twin. It supports Aura and Equipment themes within Red and Green, which the original did not.And Sivitri leads dragons in the colors of Blue and Black.

The 20 total legendaries players can acquire as a box-topper with a Dominaria United box have a rarity of either Uncommon, Rare, or Mythic Rare. Unlike regular box-toppers for a Standard-legal set release, collecting all 20 legendaries will likely be difficult, potentially raising prices for them on the secondary market.

With each box purchase, DMU legendary box-toppers will arrive in a single pack. Draft, set, and collector boxes can have a traditional foil version. Only collector boxes can have a foil-etched version.

The Dominara United set will be released from August 18 to 25. It will have prerelease events from September 2 to 8, with a global release on September 9.

All images from WotC and Magic: The Gathering.