In MTG Dominaria United, Kicker and Domain have returned their mechanics

In MTG Dominaria United, Kicker and Domain have returned their mechanics ...

In the next set Dominaria United, the Magic: The Gatherings will bring back familiar characters and mechanics.

Domain and Kicker are two of the new spell mechanics. Both work well as a way to increase the amount of value from your spells.

During the first day of the Dominaria United preview season, three Kicker cards and two Domain cards were revealed. These cards demonstrate the effectiveness of each archetype at different rarity levels.


Mark Rosewater teased this fact in his teaser blog ahead of the Dominaria United spoiler season. Domain was first introduced in Invasion. Nine years after, it was adopted as an ability term in the 2009 Conflux.

Domain provides extra benefits for every basic Land type you control. This includes Island, Swamp, Plains, Forest, and Mountain. This mechanic fits very nicely into formats with five-color archetypes, as shown by the inclusion of Domain and the Painbow Commander preconstructed deck.

On the first day of the Dominaria United preview season, two green domain spells were revealed. Its a */* creature that was initially teased in the Rosewaters blog. Its a creature that has a power of five times that of the opponent.

Herd Migration is a seven-mana sorcery that creates a 3/3 Beast for every basic Land type you control. In a dedicated ramp deck, seven mana will be an unreasonable quest, as it could provide up to ten bodies to flood the battlefield, thanks to the activated ability. Itll help you avoid early Land drops and improve your colors, preventing it from ever being a dead card in hand.


During the initial wave of spoilers, Kicker was revealed to be a member of Dominaria United. Kicker was previously a primary mechanic in Zendikar Rising. It was also a mechanic in 2018's Dominaria.

Kicker for Dominaria United has a twist: cards with Kicker will also have color requirements.

A card like Archangel for Wrath may be kicked for Red and/or Black. Depending on how much mana you have paid, and how many times you kicked it, different effects will be applied. For example, if a card was kicked once it will deal two damage to any target. If it was kicked twice it will deal two damage.

Benalish Sleeper is a two-mana Common with Kicker B. This is a simple way of sacrificing a creature for primarily multi-color decks without requiring a lot of labor to cast it. A two-mana 3/1 is an aggressive creature that will fight well when kicked.

Dominaria United will be released on Magic Arena and Magic Online on September 1. A tabletop version is scheduled for Sept. 9.