Dominaria United introduces a combat-focused Enlist mechanic

Dominaria United introduces a combat-focused Enlist mechanic ...

The Phyrexians are on Dominaria, and a conflict has broken out in the next Magic: The Gatherings set, Dominaria United.

To thwart the Phyrexians from establishing total control over the plane, Dominaria United is introducing a new combat mechanic called Enlist. It's a combat technique that buffs an attacking creature by tapping another creature that isnt attacking.

On Guardian of New Benalia, the official reminder text for Enlist is found. It reads, You may tap a nonattacking Creature you control without summoning sickness. When you do, add its strength to this Creature until the end of turn.

The Guardian of New Benalia is a Rare creature that appears to be a solid fit for Limited decks. In Standard, it will fit nicely into aggressive White decks.

Guardian of New Benalia

  • Mana value: 1W
  • Type: Creature Human Soldier
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Stats: 2/2
  • Keyword: Enlist
  • First ability: Whenever Guardian of New Benalia enlists a Creature, scry 2.
  • Second ability: Discard a card: Guardian of New Benalia gains indestructible until the end of turn. Tap it.

Guardian of New Benalia will fit right into Mono-White lists looking for a replacement for Luminarch Aspirant in the two-mana slot next to Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, and Intrepid Adversary.

This will be an excellent early-game threat that will be difficult to remove as opposed to Adonto Vanguard in the previous Dominarias Standard format. Being able to discard a card to make Guardian of New Benalia indestructible will force the opponent to spend several removal spells to get rid of it.

Mono-White Aggro wants to finish the game fast, but should be able to stand up for you in the mid-game. That means having cards in hand so as not to be outpaced by Black or Blue decks and their card draw.

Enlisting every time Guardian of New Benalia enlists is a solid source of card selection. Enlist also doubles as a way to tap creature cards without having to put them into combat, especially when used with cards like Magda or Brazen Outlaw that have an effect whenever they are tapped.

Dominaria United is available on Magic Arena and Magic Online on September 1, with a worldwide tabletop release scheduled for September 9.