How Does MTG Jumpstart Dominaria United Work?

How Does MTG Jumpstart Dominaria United Work? ...

With the release of Dominaria United, Jumpstart booster packs have been released for beginning and casual Magic: The Gathering players.

Jumpstart boosters will be included in all future premier MTG sets, allowing new and experienced players to play each new set. Players who crack Jumpstart DMU boosters will also receive a set of upgraded rarity and booster treatment cards.

Here's what's in the box of Dominaria United Jumpstart boosters.

  • Two foil lands
  • Two Rare cards
  • One new Rare card that is unique to the Jumpstart booster release
  • One Rare or Mythic Rare from Dominaria United
  • One non-foil basic land showcasing stained-glass treatment

Players will need to combine two boosters of a different color to play a game with Jumpstart boosters. There are ten themes within the DMU Jumpstart boosters, two for each of the five colors.

  • Coalition Corps: White
  • Coalition Legions: White
  • Mystic Mischief: Blue
  • Arcane Mischief: Blue
  • Totally Merciless: Black
  • Totally Ruthless: Black
  • Ready to Attack: Red
  • Ready to Charge: Red
  • Beast Territory: Green
  • Monster Territory: Green

Players will unshuffle their two packs together and then play. All cards contained in each themed Jumpstart booster will be added to this guide upon the release of each theme.

Starting on September 2, players can pick up boosters during DMU prerelease events at some local game stores. Dominaria United will be released globally on September 9.