All MTG Dominaria United booster treatments

All MTG Dominaria United booster treatments ...

Dominaria United will get some fun stained glass treatments from Wizards of the Coast, along with borderless and textured foil.

WotC is taking a simpler approach to Dominaria United, unlike previous Magic sets that featured several booster fun treatments, including stained glass and borderless, with the addition of textured foil treatments applied to stained glass legendary creatures. All Draft, set, and collector booster packs will include non-foil and foil versions of the two booster fun treatments.

Stained glass MTG treatments

With a cycle of basic lands that incorporate patterns into land elements, stain glass treatment returns to Standard in line with players' admiration for the Dominaira plane and its inhabitants. The basic lands can be seen in Draft, set, and collector boosters.

Within DMU, the booster fun treatment was also extended to legendary creatures, with each creature having a Showcase stained glass treatment version. Each of these versions pays tribute to the original artwork while expanding upon the characters depicted within.

The stained glass legendary creatures will be available in Draft, set, and collector booster packs (non-foil and foil). It's a slightly different version of what was used in Double Masters 2022, with the frame having the textured foil treatment.

The stain glass treatment for the DMU set is the second in Magic, with War of the Spark being the first. It's possible that the stain glass treatment will be carried over into future Dominaria sets over the next year.

Borderless MTG treatment

All four planeswalkers in the DMU setJaya, Liliana, Teferi, and Ajani will receive a borderless booster fun treatment. Since they are legendaries, the planeswalkers will also have stained glass treatment versions, which tie the two versions together.

Borderless planeswalkers and Pain lands will also be available in Draft, set, and collector booster packs.

All images by Wizards of the Coast.