Team Vitality has teamed up with GG.BET, a betting company

Team Vitality has teamed up with GG.BET, a betting company ...

GG.BET, a betting company, has partnered with the Team Vitalitys CS:GO team.

Vitality announced their new partnership with GG.BET as their official betting partner shortly after purchasing ENCE rifler Lotan Spinx Giladi. The GG.BET logo will be placed on Vitality's CS:GO uniforms throughout the remainder of 2022 and 2023.

Today marks the beginning of a new adventure for our CS:GO team. We unite to win: the new Vitality era. Orange is the new black and yellow

GG.BET is an international esports betting company that collaborates with a variety of different tournament organizers, streamers, and content creators. GG.BET is currently working with Natus Vincere in a similar arrangement.

Dmitry Voshkarin, GG.BET's CEO, said the news is a testament to our desire to continue to support esports development.

Vitality announced that it had acquired the Astralis trio of dupreeh, Magisk, and coach zonic in the hope of forming a Danish-French superteam in January 2022. However, the results have been poor in 2022.

In late August, the new Vitality CS:GO roster iteration will make its debut in the BLAST Premier Fall Groups.