How to Claim Prime Gaming Apex Legends Skins

How to Claim Prime Gaming Apex Legends Skins ...

Apex Legends and Prime Gaming offer free rewards for players who connect their Prime Gaming account to their EA account. These rewards include character skins and weapon skins as well as banner frames that can be used in the game. Often, these skins become some of the rarest in the game since no Prime Gaming skin has ever returned to the Apex Store.

The Epic rarity skin is available for free this month as the newest Apex character, Vantage.

Survival is more than just living. It's about living free. Connect your account to #PrimeGaming to unlock Troop Leader Vantage, the Overachiever Flatline, and a matching banner frame

The bundle also includes a matching Flatline skin, Overachiever, and banner frame, All Patched Up, while All Patched Up maintains the badge and color theme with the other skins in the bundle.

This months Prime Gaming bundle introduces a cool new skin for a character that hasn't had many of them yet. It's possible to get these rewards but it can be a bit tricky if you've never tried it before.

How to claim Prime Gaming bundles in Apex

The first thing players need to do to get a free Prime Gaming bundle is to have an Amazon Prime account. You may then link that Prime account to your EA account on the Prime Gamings website. This can be done from the Apex Legends page. In the upper left-hand corner of the page, players can select a drop-down info tab labeled Instructions.

For players to receive Prime Gaming rewards, make sure you login into your EA account using your platform of choice in the link options below the username and password fields.

Once your EA account has been linked to the platform you want to play Apex on, you need to go back to the Prime Gaming Apex page and click the Claim button for the month. Your rewards should automatically appear in your game when you open Apex and enter the lobby.

If your game is already open when you claim Prime Gaming rewards, it might be necessary to restart it in order for the rewards to actually appear. Check your EA account connections and make sure it's connected to the platform on which you play Apex.