Where is Gwen in Spiritfarer?

Where is Gwen in Spiritfarer? ...

Gwen will suddenly disappear from the ship at some point in her questline, leaving players scratching their heads as they try to figure out where she could have gone and why. To complete her questline, finding her is crucial.

Where Did Gwen Go?

Gwen will feel unwell and ask for a few days of solitude in theTaking Time Offquest. Unfortunately, even her favorite coffee won't shake her out of her stupor once the three days have passed. If you visit Gwen's cabin, she will not be there. If you look around the ship, you will discover she has gone completely.

Asking around about Gwen will give you clues about her whereabouts. Simply ask the otherspiritsaboard the ship, and they will provide you with information that will help you determine Gwen's location, eventually guiding you back to Villa Maggiore. This will mark the conclusion of Gwen's story, which means things will get much more serious and serious!

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