Is Nemesis worth the effort in Tower of Fantasy?

Is Nemesis worth the effort in Tower of Fantasy? ...

Tower of Fantasy uses open-world RPGs and gacha mechanics to create an exciting experience. Players want to select the finest characters to outfit their team with powerful members. One of these is Nemesis, which might leave you wondering whether Nemesis is worth rolling for in Tower of Fantasy.

Is it worth it to play Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy?

Nemesis is one of the finest Tower of Fantasy characters, but ultimately the effort spent trying to roll for her isn't worth it. She is extremely rare and extremely difficult to roll for. Those who play Tower of Fantasy casually shouldn't spend time trying to pull Nemesis.

Nemesis may be a good fit for those who are invested in the game. She is adept at dealing damage and healing. Alternatively, you may want to spend money on Tower of Fantasy.

Nemesis is one of the finest SSR Simulacra games and certainly S-tier, but there are other great characters you can roll for that may be less difficult. These include Zero, King, Cocoritter, and others, and while each character will take some time to roll for, Nemesis will certainly take one of the longest times to get.