In Apex Legends Ranked Leaderboard, how do I check the Predator List?

In Apex Legends Ranked Leaderboard, how do I check the Predator List? ...

The competitive ranked grind has taken over the community in Apex Legends, and only the best players strive to achieve the hallowed Predator rank. To see who is topping the Leaderboard in Apex Legends, players must rely on third-party software and applications to get an idea of the Apex Legends Predator Leaderboard.

How to See Apex Legends Predator List Ranked Leaderboard

The Apex Legends Status website provides useful links for most professional players and streamers. You can see which player went up and how much.

Players may also check out the Apex Legends section in the Tracker Network, which is quite similar to Apex Legends Status, and will show them the Leaderboard for North America and Japan. Likewise, you can see the Apex Legends Predator list for both ranked modes.

The new Legend Vantage has arrived in the game and has already become a fan favorite because of her unique abilities. Vantage is already becoming a part of the meta, and this Legend's abilities help players land those long-range sniper shots. Other Legends have also been affected by the Thebuffs and nerfs in Season 14, which have affected their individual pick rates.

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