The Best Doctrines for the Cult of the Lamb

The Best Doctrines for the Cult of the Lamb ...

Your Followers will eventually give you stone slabs and the ability to make Doctrines in the Cult of the Lamb as a result of all your hard work. There are 20 available Doctrines you can pick from, but certain Doctrines will always be superior to others.

Cult of the Lamb Doctrines for the afterlife

The Belief in Sacrifice (which gives your cult twenty Faith each time you perform theSacrifice of the Fleshritual) or theBelief in AfterlifeDoctrine, which reduces the severity of the Faith penalty that occurs when a Follower dies from natural causes or illness.

Belief in Sacrifice is the better choice since it allows you to sacrifice Followers without worrying about the high penalty. This is a great way to manage Faith as you build your cult.

Funeral and the Ritual of Resurrection are two options for tier two. Funeral is the better bet unless you are frequently performing sacrifices. Each funeral gives +20 Faith.

The Ritual that's unlocked with the Ritual of Resurrection costs 150 Bones at minimum, and resurrected Followers may die once they've been brought back, which isn't worth it for most players.

ChooseRespect Your Elders if you want a bigger boost to Faith and are willing to sacrifice for it, or go forThe Good Die Young. This Doctrine guarantees +10 Faith whenever an Elder kicks the bucket from unnatural causes (like sacrifice, murder, or consumption).

The Good Die Young is a better option due to its higher Faith bonus, particularly when you consider that the Elders do not contribute as much as their younger peers.

Grieve the Fallen is the better choice over Return to the Earth, because it gives +2 Faith to the cult every time a Follower passes by the graves stops to grieve.

Cult of the Lamb Doctrines for law and order

ChoosePraise Virtue to unlock the Ritual of Ascensions so that you may send Followers to their death while enhancing Faith and Loyalty for all the remaining cultists.

PickPunish Sin if you like to be sneaky and don't want to waste bones. This doctrine allows you to murder Followers. Just don't be caught, because you'll face a large Faith penalty.

In a quest to the death, you must choose between love and war.Ritualistic Fight Pitlets you pin two Followers against each other in a fight to the death. This option allows you to remove irritating Followers and strengthens the cult's faith.

The Faith penalty for each imprisoned non-dissenting Follower is reduced because to belief in original Sin. PickAbsolution, which gives the cult +10 Faith every morning as long as no one is in jail.

The best method is usually theWeddingDoctrine, which allows you to marry one of your followers for +30 Faith. Daily kisses give additional Loyalty. While you may be polygamous, the Faith for every marriage is reduced by five for each spouse that's alive.

Choose theTax Enforcer if you want to designate a follower to collect Coins from everyone, as this is a minimal amount of effort, so the better option is usually theLoyalty Enforcer, who wears a very fancy hat and increases the loyalty of everyone they talk to.

Cult of the Lamb Doctrines for possessions

Both ways for tier one are effective at the start of the game, but take longer when you have more than six followers.Extort Tithesis is usually the best first choice as it will give you a free coin from every person you interact with daily. In Bribe Followerlets, you earn three coins per follower.

You will constantly construct and upgrade Shelters as you progress through the game, so chooseMaterialism that gives you a Faith boost every time you upgrade sleeping quarters.

When Decorations are completed, False Idols grants a Faith bonus, but these take up both space and resources.

ChooseRitual of Enrichment. This Doctrine allows you to spend Faith to receive a large sum of coins. By using this Doctrine before your daily sermon, you'll earn back the faith you lost and make a bank simultaneously.

Alms for the Poor allows the Lamb to spend coins to strengthen the followers' faith and loyalty.

Devotees is superior to Sacral Architecture because it gives a higher Faith bonus when preaching, unless you've chosen The Glory of Construction Doctrine from the work and worship section.

When you finish building, Sacral Architecture increases your Faith bonus, but you'll find yourself using Devotees more often.

Cult of the Lamb doctrines for sustenance

Ritual Fast allows you to make it so that your Followers won't have to eat for three days during this time, which is fantastic for crusades.

On the other hand, Feasting Ritual boosts Faith and feeds hunger.

Both options have merit, so the one you choose will depend on your play style. If you wish to go on more crusades, choose Ritual Fast.

Grass is one of the game's most abundant resources, making theGrass Eater Trait one of the game's best doctrines. This trait will automatically remove all penalties when Followers eat Grassy Gruel and effectively solve any food shortages.

If someone consumes Follower Meat, the Cannibal Trait gives +5 Faith. Follower meat is not as readily accessible as grass, which makes the Grass Eater Trait the better choice.

If you want to unlock the entire game, the option you choose in Ritual of Sea's Bounty makes it easier to complete the Fisherman's quest. It's more likely that you'll bring in rare fish.

All of the village seeds mature immediately during Ritual of the Harvest, so you don't have to wait for plants to grow. If you're looking for efficiency over completeness, Ritual of the Harvest is the way to go.

The two options for tier four areSubstances Encouraged andBelief in Prohibitionism. Substances Encouragedallows the Brainwashing Ritual to give a +20 to Faith in addition to normal boosts, whileBelief in Prohibitionism makes the Followers work and pray 10% faster.

The fact that you believe in Prohibitionism increases the likelihood that they will become sick following the Brainwashing Ritual, but the general efficiency boost makes it the better choice.

Doctrines of the Lamb for work and worship

Pick the Faithful Trait for a better long-term solution, which generates Devotion 15% faster than usual and increases your overall income.

Followers acquire and complete tasks 15% faster than normal thanks to the Industrious Trait, which allows for advanced buildings in the long run.

Honey gives you more fly flies, and you can have more faith in yourself because of inspiration rather than intimidation.

The Bless action is replaced by Inspire Followers. This choice boosts both Faith and loyalty.

Intimidate Followers also remove the Bless action, but instead give you Intimidate instead of Inspire. Intimidate gives less faith and loyalty, but does make the intimidated Follower work 10% faster for two days.

It's tough to intimidate your entire cult enough to make the Intimidate Followers boost worthwhile. Inspire Followers also allows your followers to level up faster, resulting in increased combat power.

Choose The Glory of Construction if you didn't get a Sacral Architecture option earlier. This Doctrine gives you a Ritual that finishes all the buildings under construction instantly. If you need a massive Faith boost and have Sacral Architecture, The Glory of Construction is the way to go.

For all other playthroughs, select Ritual of Enlightenment. This Doctrine boosts the Shrine and Tabernacles' Devotion for three days. This Doctrine also speeds up your progress in the Divine Inspiration tree, so it's usually the better choice.

Glory Through Toil is almost always the better option. This Doctrine gives you a Ritual that will make Followers work for three days in a row without experiencing Exhaustion or the need to sleep.

Your Followers stop working and pray for a full day. Even though it gives +80 to Faith, it isn't worth the loss of a full day's work.

Cult of the Lamb offers a slew of Doctrine choices, but with our guide, you may go confidently into your role as a cult leader.

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