In Madden 23, how do I get set up a fantasy draft?

In Madden 23, how do I get set up a fantasy draft? ...

In Madden 23, the franchise mode will be expanded, including deeper player scouting, free agency additions, and player motivations. Franchise still has several options for a starting point, including launching an entire Fantasy Draft. Here is how to start a Fantasy Draft in Madden 23.

First, choose Franchise Mode from the main menu and select Start New. After selecting the team you wish to control, go to theStarting Pointoption.Select Fantasy Draft, then make sure you select your role, which will include a player, coach, or owner.

You may continue to your franchise once you have selected your role and selected your Fantasy Draft starting point. You may choose Start Draft or start a whole new team from scratch. However, you will need to start over if you are dissatisfied with your selection and miss out on some of the best players.

When you first start your draft alone, select Pause Draft to stop the timer, giving you unlimited time to choose which player you want to draft. After drafting, you may modify your roster, hire staff, and begin your preseason.