In Madden 23, how do you celebrate and taunt?

In Madden 23, how do you celebrate and taunt? ...

Madden 23 is the most recent installment in the popular NFL franchise published by EA. While the game has several new and improved features, it also has the iconic celebration and showboat feature, just like its predecessors. Here's a guide on how to celebrate and taunt in Madden 23.

How to Taunt and Celebrate in Madden 23

In Madden 23, the controls for celebrate and showboat have been changed to the following:

  • PlayStation Controller: L2 + R2 + X
  • Xbox Controller: LT + RT + A
  • Keyboard & Mouse: Left-mouse button + Left-Ctrl

You can also use your analog stick to keep your character in motion and change their direction. Be patient as the moves make you slow and you wouldn't want to be tackled while looking cool. Moreover, you can hold Square on PlayStation and X on Xbox to do a celebration dive.

Players may also celebrate after touchdown or after reaching the end zone. Once the celebration dance prompt has appeared on your screen, you may select from one of four options: Signature, Spike, Dance, and Team.

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