Controls and Tips for How to Stiff Arm in Madden 23

Controls and Tips for How to Stiff Arm in Madden 23 ...

In Madden 23, the Stiff Arm move can keep defenders at bay or take them completely out of the game. Many powerful Running Backs can utilize the stiff arm in the open field to make big gains or can use it to keep defenders from stripping the ball and to give them extra yards.

In Madden 23, here's how to stiff arm.

  • PlayStation: Press or hold X
  • Xbox: Press or hold A
  • PC: Press or hold E

Stiff Arm Tips in Madden 23

As a ball-carrier, the Stiff Arm move can be used in two different ways. Players will aim their free arm to push defenders down. This move should be timed before they tackle.

The other way to use the Stiff Arm maneuver is to hold the button. This will cause the player to keep their arm out and will aim towards the nearest defender. However, holding the Stiff Arm button is effective against dive tackles, although it keeps defenders away from safe tackles.

The Stiff Arm move may not always keep you from getting tackled, but some players have enough Strength and Stiff Arm rating to pick up a few extra yards while getting tackled. This is because players with low ratings will seldom obtain an effective Stiff Arm, which is one of the most difficult moves to master. However, when used with other moves like the spin move or juke in Madden 23, you can leave defenders in the dust.